Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year to Remember

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! 

This post took me forever, but I didn't mind one bit because it was a lot of fun looking back at the amazing events of this past year. I was just going to do my favorite outfits of the year, but then I realized there are a lot of other things that I want to remember. 

So, with the help of my journals/Facebook, I have all the highlights of my year. I don't expect anyone to read this whole thing (if you do, more power to you). It really is just a way for myself to look back. 

There are some pictures and memories on here that I may not have mentioned on the blog before, so if anyone happens to have any questions, please let me know! 

Have a happy and safe New Year's everyone! I'm off to see Boys Like Girls with Amy. You can bet there are going to be sequins in our outfits. :) 



I hadn't started my blog yet, but I was definitely thinking about it and looking at a bunch of other's blogs//My family and I went on our family vacation called "Operation 2012" to Disney World and Universal Studios//modeling pictures for  my Etsy shop//started my second semester of sophomore year - where Amy and I did chocolate mud masks//

I officially started my blog//found out I would be interning at my church for the summer//won Sheepy Me jewelry//mourned the death of Ms. Whitney Houston//had my first outfit post in the elevators//took pictures in the stairs of the academic buildings//took pictures in the library//roomies and smoothies: awesome sweater edition//was in a fashion show for Eating Disorder Awareness//saw and loved the Purity Myth//talked about the issues with rompers//

Had the most amazing Spring Break ever that including making chocolate face masks, epic thrifting, and friends//made a video about said trip//first confessed my obsession with Melmac//fell in love with my vintage blazer//drank a lot of Shamrock Shakes//got daffodils from my parents//talked about confidence and my skin condition//memorized the lyrics to Countdown//had a very successful room-draw//saw the Hunger Games...twice//went to a really awesome conference with some of my Social Work friends//

Got to go to my first Love Feast as an official church member//celebrated Easter and talked about the hope that was inspired by flowers and my grandma//turned 20:having the best birthday in the longest time//had a really awesome sparkle-themed birthday party//got a little cray//became a Hufflepuff//really showed my obsession for vintage Melmac//had dinner with my college's President//given this lovely reminder//took pictures of my favorite  (and only) mouse skirt//featured Elena as my first 'Friend Fashion'//

 (Right photo: Etsy) 

Did my first sign song//took pictures at the museum//celebrated Cinco de Mayo//went on a 'date' with Amy//finished my sophomore year//got a B Statistics - still can't believe that one//tried on my mom's wedding dress//explained the importance of salt and pepper shakers for my family//talked about my momma//remembered a wedding//went to the Dominican Republic with memories including: 'Call Me Maybe,' hiking in caves, jumping off waterfalls, drinking coconut milk, getting my hair braided, walking to church, going to the local school, the beach, crawling in windows, dancing at el disco, and so many more//had a lot of lovely guest bloggers while I was traveling//went camping with my family right after returning to the U.S.//started the moving process!//

Flew by myself for the first time//had internship orientation in Elgin//took my braids out- sad day//had a post to celebrate my niece's ninth birthday//was given my grandma's Melmac//started my internship//found a bunch of my mom's old clothes and had an early Christmas when I discovered we were the same size//successfully bought Kimbra tickets//ate a lot of communion bread//got ice cream with Liz//went yard-saleing//had a Daddy's Day post//went to Tennessee for National Young Adult Conference//started 'The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss' Day Camp//wore a butterfly dress//took pictures of the gorgeous Sarandon for my second 'Friend Fashion'//watched a lot of Teen Wolf with Maggie//hopscotched my way to Jesus//

Had a dinner party with my friend Alli//took Melmac pictures while we waited for dinner to cook//traveled to Maryland for a mile long yard sale with my sister-in-law and niece on the 4th of July//snuck in eggless cookie dough while going to see Brave with some coworkers//went to St.Louis for Annual Conference//had my first grad school visit while in St. Louis//bought the cutest suitcases//helped at the local food pantry every Friday - and loved every minute of it//memories of the office: Starbucks run/psycho little bunny foo foo, and the Asian 'Boyfriend' song//all family ice cream night//got a complete Melmac set as a welcome home present from my momma//took outfit photos with my best friend//a peek into my gold purse//unknowingly took Melmac pictures in a sketchy part of town//my favorite outfit of the year//wrote and gave a sermon about love and Harry Potter//did a blog styling swap with Becky along with a ice cream filled sleepover//listened to Sucre with Amy//had an epic thrift trip with Jenna//went to Hershey Park with Amy and Melanie//saw Beauty and the Beast with my brother and sister-in-law at the Hershey Theatre//thrifted my amazing red leather bag//

Fiesta night with the youth//Becky took pictures of me in another of my momma's old dresses//Camp memories:Abby's baptism, all girls cabin, counseling, snakes, watching the Olympics in the staff room,last day of Day Camp//J Biebs and milkshake nights with Bethany//loved my bedroom//took Maggie's 'Friend Fashion' pics//had a weekend with my sister in Lancaster//went to see Shane Claiborne with a bunch of gals from church//celebrated National Thrift Shopping Day//had my last day of my internship and was given 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' during the service - I only cried a little//hung out with my family and took pictures with Abe//bonded with Annie//took pictures of Pyrex//re-did my clothing rack//chaperoned the youth lock-in:watched Pride and Prejudice at 5 am and had a heart-to-heart with Bethany//moved back to Juniata//thought about the concept of 'home'//started my associate position//started my junior year//hit 100 followers on the blog//sadly closed my Etsy shop//took a trip down memory lane for Becky's 21st birthday//got a card from my cousin with Darren Criss, Blue's Clues, and Gilmore Girls references in it//

 (Left photo: taken by Bethany//Right photo: taken by Bekah)

 (Right photo: taken by Bethany) 

Lobsterfest with Brethren Student Fellowship//first Melmac Monday with the DSLR//finally got to show off my favorite thrift finds of the summer//got awakened at 5 am for Mountain Day 2012//took floral roomie photos//screamed with Amy at Storming of the Arch//went to the PSU/Navy game and saw Becky play with the Blue Band//had Harry Potter roomie reading nights//headed home for a weekend of Brethren Disaster Relief Auction and hanging out with my cousin//bought and took pictures of Pyrex in the corn field//

Helped at Brethren Heritage Fair//got really stressed//went to Trivia Night//took picture of Amy for 'Friend Fashion'//went home for the weekend:took pictures of squirrels with Pyrex, saw 'Pitch Perfect' and hung out with friends//got sick//had a wasp stuck in my pants//enjoyed fall and sweaters with Amy//ate a lot of pumpkin things//suffered through midterms to get to Fall Break//traveled on a train for the first time//saw Kimbra in NYC//stayed with Melanie for a weekend and visited her store//got myself around the city without getting lost//helped out with off campus interviews for work//survived Hurricane Sandy, with the help of Dutch Blitz, cookie dough, and canceled classes// dressed up as a kite for Halloween//

(Left photo: taken by Rylan) 

Read the Hunger Games for class - made me cry//belted 'She Will Be Loved' with Amy - our neighbors heard us//watched 'V for Vendetta' on the 5th of November//voted//was very happy with the election results//took romantic movie pictures for my Digital Photography class//came up with a new roomie catch phrase: 'For all the boys!'//went to see Tim Gunn at Penn State//shot lovely pictures of Alli for 'Friend Fashion'//signed 'I Look to You' with Kara at Stone CoB//was speechless when my parents surprised me for our performance -with this red Melmac pitcher in hand//wore my favorite vintage suit for Open House//baked (and giggled) a lot with my friends//celebrated Thanksgiving with the Dominican family//was so happy for Turkey Day break//went to see 'Pitch Perfect' with Maggie and Makenzie//got my Madrigal dress//lost the annual Trivial Pursuit game (rematch at New Year's)//went Black Friday shopping//decorated my parent's house for Christmas//bought my first Nativity set back to school//went to Greenwood Furnace for class//'Thrift Shop' became my theme song//Amy and I took pictures at the local Courthouse//

Thrift trip and holiday parade with Amy - we were really excited to see Santa//Went to Madrigal 2012: A Stroll Among the City Lights//studied, studied, and studied some more//watched Lilo and Stitch with the Dominican familia for our Navidad fiesta//took pictures with Alli near Founders//got Lisa Frank binders for myself and the gals at the office//lunchtime drama//watched Mulan with Alexa//made it through finals!//moved out of our double into a quad//went back to the 717//got into a 'bun war'//participated in Lara's Vintage's Thrifty Gift Exchange//had a grandmother/granddaughter day//wore my Wings to Save T-shirt encountered a shoulder bad the size of my face//spent a day with my best friend just eating food, singing musicals, and taking pictures//made the Dean's List//celebrated Jane Austen's birthday with Cindy, which included pizza, chocolate, giggles, anxious pacing, and a viewing of Pride and Prejudice//went to see a Hershey Bear's hockey game//drove in the snow for the first )and hopefully the last)time//watched a lot of Christmas movies//had a wonderful Christmas with the family//got my braces off after three years (pictures soon to come)//got to see Elena after many many moons//went to Chocolate World and Sweet Lights with a bunch of my gal pals//celebrating New Year's with Amy seeing Boys Like Girls! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Life Goals

Hey everyone! What's shaking? 

I'm super happy it is Friday. I'm still house sitting and it is supposed to snow buckets and buckets tomorrow. 

Such a great excuse to stay in my pj's, watch the Dark Knight, and eat an absurd amount of peanut butter M&Ms. 

 These pictures are a tad old (as you can see campus behind me), but I really liked my outfit and hair from this day, so why not? My friend Alexa had braided my hair the night before, and it became so wavy the next day! Loved it! 

Dress - Thrifted: altered: remixed here and here 
Sweater - Thrifted 
Shoes - Hand me downs 
Belt - Thrifted 
Headband - Kohl's 

Well, I'm off to put on my comfy (read 'holey') sweats. 

However, before I do that, I would like you to leave you with my new goal in life. 

My best friend sent me this Buzzfeed countdown of the top 25 Jennifer Lawrence quotes. So. Good. Jennifer Lawrence is just amazing. 

Anyways, #18 is just so hilarious and awesome, that I can't stop watching/laughing at it. 

So, I told my friend that if we are ever both on the red carpet that I am   doing this to her, without a doubt.

And she said: "If you are the reason that we are both there, you totally have my permission." 

Challenged accepted. 



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sink In

Hey hey everyone! 

Hope that you had a fabulous holiday yesterday with family and friends! I had a wonderful day spent with my family - even if all my cousins joined forces with my brothers to result in massive teasing against me. Oh well, I guess this is what happens when you are the youngest. 

I did a post a while go introducing my one of my best friend's band, Wings to Save, to everyone. (You can check that post out here.) 

Now, they are about to go on a mini-tour and have just released their first EP, 'Sink In.'  I got a copy from Tighe, the leader singer, for Christmas and I really like it! My nephew and I were jamming to it on our Sheetz free coffee run last night - we had such a blast! 

Image of "Sink In" EP

I can't wait to see them perform live on New Year's Eve after they get back from their tour. My favorite song off of their album is definitely 'This Town', but all of their tracks are amazing. 

If you are interested, you can buy the EP here, and check out the other merchandise that they have available, like my really awesome owl T-shirt. 

I'm so proud of my friend Tighe and the other members of Wings to Save, for having a lot of dedication and putting out such an awesome EP. Have a great tour, guys! 

T-shirt: c/o Wings to Save
Cardigan: Thrifted: originally Target  
Jeans: From a friend 
Hat: Thrifted (rexmixed here)



P.S. Thanks to the lovely Becky for taking these lovely outfit photos for me, despite the coldness!