Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Leaves and Sweaters

It's Thursday everyone - which means tomorrow is Friday! 

Which means it is Fall Break is here! 

Which means that I get to see Kimbra! 

AND my friend Melanie!

It is going to be awesome

As you can tell, it officially has become fall here in Central PA

I love all the leaves and the colors everywhere - it makes me want to curl up with a pumpkin dessert, a mug of hot chocolate, and a really good book. 

Oh, if only school allowed that to happen. 

This outfit is basically the same that I wore way back in February - oh goodness, where does time go. So much has changed since then. 

Anyway, in that post I basically complained about how this romper has a zipper in the back - why? Because, people are silly. 

However, I decided to make this outfit even MORE difficult and add a sweater over top of it. 

I'm such a genius... 

However, it is pretty funny how I got this sweater. 

It was the end of last semester. I was coming back from the library late after studying and I was very sleepily walking to my room, when I glanced at the garbage can. I stopped and  took a step back to the trashcan, a little more awake. I ran to my room and got dressed in my jammies and walked to the bathroom, trying to seem totally casual. 

After washing the face and brushing the teeth, I sprinted back to the garbage can. 

The foreign exchange girls in my hall had thrown out a lot of their (expensive) clothes. This was seriously better than thrifting. They even conveniently had placed all of their clothes in an A&F bag (hello, sexy + shirtless men) beside the garbage can. I grabbed it and quickly scurried into my room. 

I ended up keeping this sweater and its gray twin that were from Gap and a gray cardigan from Forever 21. Amy kept a really cute tank top and then I consigned the rest, including a pair of Uggs. 

Therefore, I had a $15 check when I got back to school. 

Laura: Romper (worn as a skirt) - Thrifted (originally Express
Sweater - Garbage - so weird. (originally Gap
Tights, Boots, and Necklace - Thrifted 

We certainly are loving fall styles here in room 408. Cozy and comfy sweaters are perfect for these days that seem to fluctuate  between chilly and mild. 

Can't wait until we show you our next roomie fashion post - Amy made a big change! But, it is going to be a surprise, so I guess you are going to have to wait until next week, after Fall Break. 

Amy: Sweater - Thrifted 
Jeans - Levi's
Boots - Bass 
Hat - Fashion Bug 

Well, I'm off to pack for NYC, while Amy studies for her physics midterm -icky! 

I'm sure she'll kick it square in the bootay though!  

Have a great night everyone! 


Laura + Amy 


Dearest Lou said...

Lovely outfits!

Dearest Lou

Elena said...

Why are you guys so adorable?? Miss you...

M. Margaret said...

Amy is SUCH a hipster... and I love it...

F. Happy said...

The romper and sweater are just TOO gorgeous!
Btw, I stumbled on an online thrift store, you should check it out!

Sarah Azzouzi said...

What camera do you use? Your pictures are so vibrent its amazing! You guys look great. I like that you both have a sort of similar color theme going on. :)

Jessi said...

HAHAHA! That is amazing! I would totally do the same exact thing, who just throws out clothes?!!

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