Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Past Purple Hair and Future Yard Sales

 Hey everyone! Sorry, I have been MIA the past couple of days; I have been swamped with school work. I FINALLY got my Statistics take home test done. Ugh.

Anyway, enough about  complaining about school work, let's talk some about something  more fun! Like this sweater. :)

These pictures are actually from last semester, after my friends and I had a "hair dying party" and we all put different  color strips in our hair. I loved my purple strip. Its still in there, but its more pinkish blonde. I knew the purple would fade relatively fast, so I wanted to get cute pictures with it before it did.

Anyway, this sweater was actually from a free box at a yard sale this past summer. YEAH. Pretty awesome right? It has sequins!!!

Going to yard sales is definitely one of my favorite things to do in the summer (and probably one of the few things I'll actually get out of bed at 7 am on a Saturday morning for).

Hopefully, I'll get to share some more yard sale finds and maybe even some of my tips this summer, as I'll be living in town for an internship. So, I'll get to bike around town checking out all the yard sales or I'll go with my antique loving older brother, who lives near by - brother/sister bonding! Yay! I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
So excited!!

By the way, this lovely gal, is my roommate Amy. Isn't her sweater awesome too?

On Laura: 
Sweater- Yard sale free box; Bonnie and Bill New York brand 
Jeans- Thrifted, Levi Strauss 
Sunglasses - Also from a yard sale for about $1-2. 

On Amy:
Sweater - Thrifted
Bicycle Necklace- Forever 21

Hope that everyone has a lovely day! Leave some comments about your favorite yard sale finds!! :)
Roomies and smoothies! 


Thrifted Shift said...

Fun sweater!!! I think I have a yard sale aversion. I've never had one because I don't want people going through my stuff and judging it! Which I why I don't want to go to them either- I wouldn't be able to stop myself from judging people by their stuff! I guess that leaves more good stuff for you!

noone said...

the shirt is so fun, I love the sequin details!

Unknown said...

very cool

gabriela jimenez

i hope you check my blog

Anonymous said...

I know I love Pan Am :] I love the way you do sequins too. So stylish. & I've been trying out different blog layouts, I trying to do a more simple one like a magazine, but I love all the cute templates I'm finding! :D so fun! <3 Sarah

Bud Wilson said...

adorable romper. and sweaters, too! Thrifting outfits is the way to go.


Unknown said...

your blog is adorable!

just followed you, follow me back:)

Elizabeth said...

Love your sequins, and most of all that wild purple streak in your hair! Now that I have a job in the "real world" I miss my rainbow hair!


mymy said...

The sweater is so adorable! I want.


Unknown said...

Love the sweater! Totally loving your blog!

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