Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween! 

Honestly, I forgot that it was Halloween until about noon today when I walked  into campus' coffee shop and all the workers had costumes on... Oops. 

This is what happens when you celebrate over the weekend; you forget about things like dates of the actual holiday pretty quickly. 

I always have good intentions to get into Halloween, but then life happens and I'm always left figuring out a costume at the last minute. 

This year a friend of mine directed to the American Apparel website, where I found this idea to dress like a kite! 

I found it hilarious, so I thought, "why not?" 

Except no one knew what I was... 

My favorite reactions?

"I'm going as a kite." 

"Oh. Don't blow away?" 


"Do you know what I am?"

"A Keebler elf?"

Yeah... the hat went off quickly after that.

Shirt - Thrifted (originally Gap
Tights - Thrifted 
Bow Ties - Thrifted 
Shoes - Payless

Although, I did then throw my phone, lipstick, and...err, tail into the hat and turned into a "clutch", as my elf calling friend said, "in true Laura Whitman" style. 

Next year, I'm going to start planning much earlier. 

Have a great and safe  Halloween everyone! 



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Elena said...

And when you say that next year you're going to start planning earlier, you,re not lying, because we've already started planning!!!

Though I officially refuse to go as a Spice Girl. Sorry girlie, not happening.


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