Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hope Chest: Plastic Cups

Hey everyone! Sort of a new post today: some items that are in my "hope chest." 

I know that some women have an aversion to that phrase; I did for awhile. First, for those who may not be as familiar with the term, here is an in-dept explanation  via Wikipedia. Basically, it is a box that young unmarried women put together to save things for married life; things like quilts, linens, dishes, and even baby clothes would go in a hope chest. 

Now, I know that this idea is not a very  modern one, but I still collect things for my "hope chest," even though I proudly consider myself a feminist. My hope chest started back when I was probably 10; I had fallen in love with these blue glasses (future post idea) in my grandma's cupboard and she had given them to me to put my hope chest. 

Lately, my hope chest, which is actually a cardboard box in my room at my parent's house, has grown significantly. I don't feel so bad buying hope chest items anymore, because I feel that I am going to be using them sooner rather than later. As I mentioned before, I will be living in my own place this summer as part of an internship. Although there will probably be housewares in the house already, I am still really excited to incorporate my own things as well. 

Also, friends and I want to live off campus senior year, which means I will need "hope chest" items then too. Then, after that, I will (hopefully) have my own place. My hope chest is not necessarily for "married life." Although, I do want to get married (a LONG time from now), my hope chest has always been intended for MY house or apartment. 

So, really I don't think of it as "old fashioned;" I think of it as smart. I will have a bunch of cute and durable (most things that I buy are vintage - if they held up for 40 years, I bet they will hold up for a few more) items for my future house, that I bought very cheap and overtime, instead of having to buy everything at once. 

So, why do I call it a "hope chest" and not something else? Honestly, its because that's what my grandma calls it and I am a pretty nostalgic person. 

Wow, I didn't mean this to turn into a big story about hope chests. I just wanted to talk about these bad boys. 

Now, I got these Melmac style cups this past weekend of epic thrifting. I adore Melmac. Seriously. It's a problem. At a rummage shop we went into there was a box full of Melmac style dishes and I FREAKED out. I dug in that box for a good 10 minutes. 

I got the orange cups there - 4 cups and a creamer (now I'm on the look out for a sugar bowl)  for $4. Not too shabby, considering I bartered with the guy; he wanted a $1.25 a piece originally. 

The green cups, was from the Bargain Basement of another thrift store that I love. Its actually a chain in my area, called Jubilee. I got 8 cups for 30 cents each, or $2.40 for all. I was unsure about the color at first, but I love how they look with the orange ones. AND the green ones are stackable, which makes them even better. Both sets are in amazing shape! Can't wait to use them this summer!

What do you think about the "hope chest" idea? 

Did you get any good housewares thrifting lately? 


P.S. I wish you could have see Amy and I trying to take these pictures; it was pretty hilarious. The wind was a-blowin' and I was hovering near by ready to catch them if they decided to topple below. However, they impressively stayed put in 15-20mph gusts. :) 

P.P.S The entire time I was writing this post, this song was stuck in my head... that's a true story. 


Kim said...

Wow! I had actually never even heard of this until now! But you're right, you don't need it for married life! use your items now, life has already started for you.

found the route

Marisa Noelle said...

I think a hope chest is a lovely idea! My little sis actually has one and it's something I wish I would have started when I was young. Now she actually will be getting married this fall, so she will get used of all the dishes and stuff in it. Your little cups are so cute...the colors so perfectly cheery!

Thanks for your sweet comment Laura:) I am indeed from PA...I grew up in Camp Hill and now live in a little town called Drums (near Scranton) - and I've been to Hershey so many times...only about 30 minutes away from my hometown. What part are you in? xx Marisa

Unknown said...

I didn't know what's a hope chest :) Lovely post!

Olga Shevchuk said...

Very good post.)


noone said...

thats a find! the colors are great I think, very spring/summer!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are adorable!! I love plastic cups like these, but can never seem to find them. (Well, if I do, they have Elmo or something on them, because they're baby cups, hahaha). These were a perfect find! And I definitely agree, saving items for your own place now is a perfect way to get started. I wish I had done that way back when! ;)

Ramona said...

You have picked out so wonderful colour cups.They always will brighten up your day despite how gloomy it is.

xoxo Ra

Unknown said...

Hi Sweety,
I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, cool and it's evident your sense of style!!!...

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Shortbread and Ginger said...

I think it is a very sensible idea to have a hope chest. Good finds.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

xxyy said...

they look lovely. xx


Unknown said...

I love the green cup! I didn't find any good housewares while thrifting, but I did find a nice gingham-printed shirt that fit perfectly! yay!



Sadie Dear said...

I love those sweet little cups! I am a thrifting addict, too. I'm trying to temper my urges lately... but I can't resist a pretty vintage sheet or mug here and there.

Jess said...

i loveee that cute cups! thrifting is my favorite. so happy i stumbled upon your blog. let's follow each other? :)


Anonymous said...

u did an amazing job and photographed them perfectly =)

Unknown said...

I just found your blog! Following from now on! It's so awesome to find another girl with a hope chest!!!!!


Cara-Mia said...

I like the idea of a hope chest. I started collecting housewares when I got engaged last summer, and now that I'm married I'm glad I did so! But I agree it doesn't have to just be for married life. :)

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