Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Problem with Rompers

Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day until the weekend! I know that mine is going to be super busy: catching up on some school work mostly. However, tomorrow night I am going to be showing off some thrifted wonderfullness in my school's Eating Disorder Awareness fashion show!

About 7 million women and 1 million men struggle with an eating disorder every year. Although I have never had an ED, like many young women, I have had my own personal issues with food and weight in the past.

Therefore, I am excited to have the opportunity to really get the word out on my campus about the damaging effects of eating disorders, while having a fun fashion show! For more information about eating disorders, click here.

Look how beautiful it was outside today! :) 

On a more lighter note, I love this romper. I bought it at one of my favorite thrift stores, where every Monday all clothing is half off. Unfortunately, I was not there on a Monday. However, it was a Saturday, so I decided to try things on, "hide them", take the risk, and come back Monday morning. Then I found this! 90's Express. It makes feel like Topanga Lawrence. I had to buy it. I couldn't risk it being gone on 1/2 price day.

The only annoying thing is that it is a romper. With a zipper in the back. What were these people thinking?   I can't rush to the bathroom in this dress; I'll just leave it at that.

However, I think the cuteness is definitely worth it. :)

Romper- Thrifted (Express brand)
Tights- ??? I have had them forever.
Boots- Thrifted 
Jacket- Thrifted
Purse- Thrifted 
Locket- Gift from elementary school; yeah, I have had this necklace for a long time. 

<3 P.S. You should all check out my friend M.'s new blog Parasols Please. She is adorable, and I can't wait to see what all she posts! :)


Sergeant Fox said...

Cute look! Definitely following, hope you'll come check out my blog as well


Grace said...

Ahh rompers very cute but very impractical

check out my blog?

Jo said...

Ohh, the floral print is truly a dream on you! <3 and I love love love the olive colour of your tights! So gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Anonymous said...

Love the dress & boots! <3 Sarah

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Beautiful! I especially love your green tights!


Pop Champagne said...

love your floral dress, it's so cute!

Irene Buffa said...

nice location pretty!

Dearest Lou said...

I love this look, you look darling! Be sure to enter the giveaway I'm hosting on my blog to win some adorable hair pieces!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Total Topanga! Love it!
Yeah I've always been hesitant of rompers for that very reason...


Oooh, Laura this is such an awesome outfit. I love the floral pattern, tights & boots! Ah, perfection! And a zipper in the back?! Hehe, yes I see the dilemma. ;) xo

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