Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: February 17-23

February 17: Late night reading. I actually finished it this week and I'm excited to watch the movie with a friend over Spring Break!

February 18: She was one excited lady!

February 19: Dinner and discussion night with my housemates. 

February 20: New decorations: one of my favorite pictures of my dad and I + a Valentine. 

February 21: I have been listening to this album on repeat lately. 

February 22: Thrifting with a friend; she purchased this amazing ring.

February 23: My cases for my new phone arrived - now I'm just waiting on the actual phone. 



Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Friends

Hey there, all!

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic night! My day has been pretty chill: after internship, I got pancakes with a friend, did a 'Just Dance' workout and cried with my housemate over an episode of 'Chuck'. Seriously, this has been probably about the 4th blog post where I have mentioned this series. What am I going to do when we finally finish? It will be weird, that is for sure. You guys might have to give me some TV show suggestions. 

Anyway, I'm ready for the weekend, hoping to relax, maybe do a little thrifting, and spend some time reading. That sounds like the perfect weekend to me! 

So, this outfit I wore last week for internship and it is probably my favorite professional look. But, the best part? The bag. Seriously, it is gorgeous, spacious, and vintage in wonderful condition. And the best part? I got it from a Catholic thrift store for $1. Yeahhhhhhhh. There is a tiny little store near my internship agency, so I go every Friday when I get off early. And the ladies that run it? HILARIOUS. I was trying on a jacket the other week and they are like, "sweetie, that isn't your color." They just tell it like it is, but in the sweetest way possible. Plus, they tell me all about the vintage clothes they had when they were my age. I think I may have found some new besties. 

Sweater - Target brand - Thrifted
Skirt - Vintage - Thrifted 
Bag/Belt - Thrifted 
Tights - Wal*Mart - I think? I have had them since high school. 
Shoes - Kohl's 

Have a great evening everyone!



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: February 10-16

Happy Sunday everyone - I hope that you had a fabulous weekend! 

Mine was filled with lots of Harry Potter watching, reading, a bit of thrifting, wine, and episodes of 'Chuck.' It was pretty a grand weekend. Plus, I have one more day to relax - I'm off tomorrow for President's Day. Do you have any plans for the holiday, if you are off?

Anyway, here are some pictures from my last week!

February 10: The birthday gal looking amazing in her new dress!

February 11: I thrifted this book - I have heard a lot of good things, I'm excited to read it. 

February 12: Catching up on some New Girl. 

February 13: Snow day! We had gotten over a foot of snow. 

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day! 

February 15: My cousin sent me this gorgeous Valentine's card. 

February 16: I found these cookies at a bumps and dents grocery store - the Mennonite one I have mentioned before. When I found them, I seriously almost cried; I had these cookies when I spent time in Costa Rica and Guatemala; I hadn't had them in about 3 or 4 years. They are so good. 

Have a great week everyone!



Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Actually

Hey everyone! 

I hope that a happy and love-filled Valentine's Day! 

I know that this has been the best Valentine's Day that I have had in a long while. I have had another snow day, so I got the chance to sleep in. Then, my friend Alexa and I grabbed lunch together and even did a little thrifting - I got the most gorgeous angora sweater. 

After that, we just got to catch up and she snapped these shots of me. It was a lot of fun! I adore this dress - it was my mother's back in the day and my favorite of the ones she has given me. Also, this lovely vintage Jane Austen book was a present from my cousin last Valentine's Day; I thought it was appropriate to have it in my shots this year.  

Now, for the rest of the evening my gal pals are planning on watching Harry Potter 7 part 1 and 2, with a glass of pink moscato and chocolate covered pretzels. All in all, it has been a wonderful day!

What did you guys do for Valentine's Day?

Dress - Mother's 
Coat/Sweater/Earrings/Shoes - Thrifted 
Pin/Book - Gift from my cousin 
Necklace - Giveaway win

Also, here and here are my Valentine's Day posts from the past two years - the first one was my first outfit post ever

Oh - we have a lot of snow. Proof c/o of Alexa here: 



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guess Who is Two?!

This little old blog of mine, that is who! 

Honestly, this is the second year in the row that I almost forgot my blog-iversary. I know, I know. What kind of blog momma, am I? 

But, I did remember in the end - right as I was getting ready to go out to karaoke (taking a risk and praying for a snow day tomorrow!)

So, I quickly threw these collages together! It certainly was fun to see all the different outfits I shared with you guys over the past year. My style is constantly changing and getting to document and be apart of this little community is just the best. 

Last year, I thanked a bunch of people, so I guess I'm going to do that again - I feel like I'm at the Academy Awards, slightly. (I would just like to thank all the little people). Ha! 

In reality though, thanks bunches to Amy Joy - the best roommate ever for letting me snap photos of her, getting ones of me, and of course, going on crazy adventures so that I actually have something to talk about!

Thanks to my sister, mom, dad, Alexa, Sarah, Bethany, Cindy, Maggie, Silvia, and any other people who were so kind to take some shots of me this year! Maybe '14 is the year I invest in a tripod? 

Thank you to all the local thrift stores that I shop at - you do great things and I'm glad that I can support your missions! You also keep me clothed, so thank you for that as well. 
Also, thanks to those who go shopping with me - you have extreme patience and must really love me. 

And to you - yes you - the person staring at the computer screen. Thanks so much for reading my blog, whether you are family, friends, or part of the blogging community, I really do appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to say and look at I like to wear. 

Thanks for a great year! Here is to the start of Year 3- man, that is weird and awesome to type! Thank you, everyone!



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: February 4-9

Hey everyone! Hope that a spectacular weekend was had by all! 

I got to head home this weekend, so it was nice be home for a day or two. This coming week should be pretty busy, but fun! The internship is still wonderful and I'm can't wait to get more involved!

 Also, tomorrow is a big celebration - it is Amy's birthday! We and a bunch of friends are going to have lovely Happy Hour, dinner, and a movie night! It should be a pretty swell evening. 

February 4: I love this dress. 

February 5: We certainly did dance a lot - what else is there to do on a snow day?

February 6: Ghosts in February. If you got it, flaunt it. 

February 7: I thrifted 4 of these beauties. 

February 8: The Hearts Party at my church! It is a game similar to Yahtzee that we play every year - I'm so glad that I could be home for it; we always have a blast. 

February 9: I was stuck in traffic for over a half an hour because of the snow. I'm so sick of winter. 

Have a great week all!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's Remix this Business #4

Hey everyone! 

I really had the blogging itch tonight, but unfortunately because of crazy schedules, about two inches of ice, and the fact that I have been living in leggings for the past two days, I don't really have anything new to share. 

Sooo, I thought that I would share a remix post, since I haven't done one of those since the summer. 

This skirt I haven't worn lately - it hasn't been on the blog since 2012 (hence all the braces pictures). I have worn it since then, but it just hasn't gotten photographed. But, it still has been fairly neglected. 

This skirt is close to my heart. I thrifted this probably about my freshman year of college, I think for a dollar or so. I like the pattern and the fit, it was just a little long as you can see in the picture below. 

The reason why this skirt is so special is that my grandma was the one who helped me hem it. The above picture was taken at her house - which was destroyed in a flood in September 2012. I remember sitting at her kitchen table as we sewed it up. 

These memories are, of course, wonderful, but also hard to think about. Because of her house, which was like a second home growing up, but also because my grandma lately has shown signs of serious confusion. That is something that is very difficult to see a loved one go through, especially one that had such an enormous impact on your childhood. 

Therefore, this skirt holds memories; of laughing with my granny and of an old beautiful farm house. 

Do you have any article of clothing that holds strong memories for you?

Other remix posts:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: January 27-February 3

Happy Monday everyone! 

I have been posting my Picture a Day project on Sunday nights, but last night I was too busy (read "lazy") to actually get it posted. Thankfully, I have a glorious Snow Day to share - the snow is definitely acomin' down! 

Well, I'm off to spend my snow day doing laundry, watching SVU, reading, and just being an all around bum. Ahh, the joys of not having classes. :) 

January 27: My positive quote of the week from my internship. 

January 28: My blog planning journal - it has been feeling a little neglected lately. 

January 29: I made pizza for family supper! 

January 30: Woke up to a frosted window pane. 

January 31: I thrifted this gorgeous bag in the town where I'm interning. It was only $1! It was cash only or I would have gotten a lot more - I usually don't carry cash on me. I can't wait to go back! 

February 1: Saturday cleaning day. 

February 2: Before shots of a new project - I got most of it done while watching 'Breaking Bad' with my housemate. 

February 3: Lazy snow day.