Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friend Fashions: Amy

Bonjour everyone! Hope that you are having a wonderful day! 

It is time for another Friend Fashion! And this one is extra special because this one is my wonderful and lovely roommate, Amy! 

I know that I have had her on the blog a couple of times before (like for our Back to School  post), but now she gets a post all to herself! 

Enjoy getting to know my roomie better! 

Name: Amy Joy Fenstermacher

Age: 20 

Major: Wildlife Conservation 

Hobbies: Reading, taking pictures, making friendship bracelets, and window-shopping 

Favorite Movies: Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Big Fish, and Inception. 

Favorite quote: (*giggle*) "I'll give you the one I put in my yearbook - It is so cheesy!" 'You are never fully dressed with a smile.' - From Annie.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? "Either working in a state park, zoo, or aquarium, or going to grad school." 

Describe your style: "It changes a lot between 'causal chic' and...can I say 'lumberjack?' Yeah. Lumberjack! Also, I'm big on patterns and good accessories." 

Favorite places to shop: "If I'm not thrifting, I go to Target and Forever 21 the most." 

Favorite Thrift Store Finds: 1. My Nestle globe mugs (like these!
2. My picnic basket 
3. My Air Noah sweatshirt (Amy: Can we do a crazy sweatshirt post soon!? Me: Most definitely!  )
4. My discoball shirt! (Laura's note: I have one too! That is another post that needs to happen!)  

Biggest Fashion Mistake: "The punk rock arm bands that I used to wear...that was pretty bad. Also, the plaid pants. Basically just the whole punk rock phase in 6th grade. That was terrible." 

Whose style do you most admire? "Kimbra! Also, Natalie Portman - her elegant dresses are great!"

Favorite memory (so far!) of living with Laura: "Seeing a Double Rainbow!(and freaking out). Also, our 'Pudding Times' and celebrating my birthday at Mimi's!

Sweater - TJ Maxx 
Sequin Top - Thrifted 
Jeans - PacSun 

Thanks, Amy for being a wonderful (and fashionable) roommate! Lurve you! 

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Midwest Muse said...

She's adorable!

Katherine said...

that's an awesome major! and i love her style - her hair is so pretty too. seems like you have a great room mate - she likes some good movies!

<3 katherine


*____* SOOOOOO PRETTY !! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sarah with a Bow said...

Hello. That cardigan is SPECTACULAR.

For All Things Lovely said...

Super cute blog! Love your style-you're adorable! xx.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

such a cute post! =D
I adore that top! It's so much fun! I would totally wear it too!


Marisa Noelle said...

It's official...I need...ok, want a pair of mustard pants like that! Cute post on your fashionable roomie Laura :) I was all about the rocker arm bands too for a time back in my college days...definitely a phase I would like to forget..haha. Have a lovely weekend! xo Marisa

Sara said...

That top is so glam and cute! you look amazing!

Unknown said...

What a fun top! Love it!

Mamaw's Place said...

Love the outfit. I'm a new follower. You have lots of stuff on your blog that interests me. Hope you will follow me back at

Missy said...

What a cute sense of style, love it! Casual chic. Thanks for sharing =)

xx Missy

Annie said...

Love this look - that sweater is so cute! And love Natalie Portman's style too :)

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