Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Thrift Find of the Century

Hey everyone, 

I have been really looking forward to introducing to you one of my favorite thrift store finds of all time. 

It is this bag!

Isn't it just amazingly cute? I still can't get over it. 

And I found it by such a fluke. I ran into one of my favorite thrift stores with one of the high school interns this past summer, looking for jars to make butter in for when we were talking about the Butter Battle Book, at Day Camp. We went downstairs to the Bargain Basement and there it was...

for $1.60. 

Yeah. Just let that sink in a little bit.


I grabbed it faster than a speeding bullet. I never heard of the brand, but I could tell it was good quality and it still had that new purse smell. (An even better scent than 'new car.') 

When I got home, and I spent about 20 minutes just staring at this purse and clutching it to my chest, I looked up the brand. 

I found their website and discovered a couple of things: a.) Their hands bags are gorgeous. Seriously. I am not getting anything out of this, they really are beauts. b.) I was right about being good quality - their bags are all leather - they even have a special line made of recycled skins. c.) THEIR BAGS AVERAGE AT ABOUT $300.

Yeah. Remember, how I paid $1.60?

Let's put this in perspective: 

For $300, I could buy all my college textbooks for a semester (*sigh*)

For $1.60, I couldn't even pay for shipping for one book. 

For $300, I would have about half what I needed to purchase these amazingly weird Christian Louboutins.

For $1.60,  I could get a pack of googly eyes to make my own. (That needs to happen, btdubbs. It is on the  Pinterest.) 

For $300, I could work for 30 hours.

For $1.60, I could work for 10 minutes. (Yeah, I did math right there.) 

Anyway, I'm sure you get my point...

I really love this bag. 

Bag - Thrifted - originally from Latico Leathers
Dress - Thrifted 
Necklace - Thrifted 
Shoes - Thrifted - originally from Payless

Have a great and thrifty weekend everyone - hope that you find a totally awesome deal, too! 



Unknown said...

it is really a great bag,,,perfect colour,,and match very well with all...

vintage grey said...

Such a cute bag and photos!! xo Heather

A Spoonful of Sparkle said...

Ahhhh!!!! For one dollar and 60 cents I would love just about anything!! But that is a serious score! And its so cute! I hope you can feel my excitement for you over the interwebs, haha!

A Spoonful of Sparkle said...

Team Jess all the way! You? And definitely go on that trip, it's not nerdy it's adventurous! I went on a month long camping road trip this summer as a pre-cursor to the move and it was incredible!

InĂªs de Castro said...

My God, that's really is the best thrift find of the century!! A leather bag for 1,60? I wish I was I lucky as you are, I never find anything interesting where I live (we do only have a couple of thrift stores) :(

Katie Frank said...

You look stunning <3 This outfit is really good :3 <3
would you like to follow each other?

K A T H L E E N said...

that bag is awesome! I love finding a gem while thrifting!

Katherine said...

an all leather bag for $1.60? i'm SO jealous. it's an amazing bag - so great - and i love the color. and your dress - it's adorable too

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Unknown said...

I just stumbled over your blog! Its absolutely lovely! You're beautiful!

Follow me back? :)

xx Emily

Katie Aman said...

Haha, you're cute! I love your pretty dress! And that IS amazing! What a great find. That is always my favorite find amazing hidden gems while thrifting!

Talitha Azarov said...

Lucky you! $1.60 can't even buy me anything where I live!
If you have time please check out some of my looks on!!



canvasofculture said...

your blog is so adorable! great thrift find, and i can totally sympathize with you about the ridiculous textbook prices.

Indy said...

Wow, what a great find! I love finding something that is too good to be true, but actually is know what I mean, right? Haha.

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Your math really puts crazy prices in perspective!
We sometimes get caught up in the cuteness of things and forget what the price REALLY is.


Jennifer said...

great find!

xo Jennifer

kendra @ little almanac said...

Awesome find!!

Mary Ann said...

Wow, that bag really is an amazing steal and looks awesome! This is a perfect example of why I love thrifting! ;-)

Unknown said...

Great bag! Love it!

Vera said...

Awesome pictures and I totally love the bag :)

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