Monday, July 16, 2012

Melmac Monday: Reasons Why People May Think I'm Crazy (Part 2)

Okay peeps. Remember how I talked about some of my awkward moments before? Well. Now that I'm living in town, a whole bunch of people are open to my cray cray antics.

These pictures are the really the reasons that I have been getting the "whatthe--" looks lately. A lot of my Melmac pictures have been taken close to my house, but still, I'm still where people can see.

 Imagine this if you will: A girl with crazy look in her eyes (because I was losing light of course), with a crappy digital camera, sitting on the sidewalk with no shoes on taking pictures of dishes. Wouldn't the thought probably cross your mind to call the psychiatric unit? I got a lot of funny looks, for sure. 

Even just typing that whole scenario I realize how crazy that probably looked. Do I care? Nope, because these pictures got ballin'.

My mom - even though she is so sick of me buying more dishes - bought these for me as a welcome home present. The entire set is here too! I was SO frackin' excited. They were only 30 cents a piece! What a lovely and thrifty mom I have

P.S. Towards the end of taking photos of some other thrifty finds, because this guy drove (?) by sans the child. I felt less crazy then. (Note: all melmac pictures were taken by me, but the picture of the dudes in the firetruck was taken by my lovely bestie Becky for tomorrow's outfit post. I may or may not have seen the firetruck, started hitting her arm, and said "takeapicturetakeapicturetakeapicture!" I by "may or may not" I definitely did.) 

Have a fanfreakin'tastic Monday everyone!



Sarah said...

Your not crazy, your creative!
who needs shoes anyway!

And for the record, they are seriously cute colours for plates and cups!

Sarah XxX

Marisa Noelle said...

Before I scrolled all the way down to read what you wrote - I was thinking "wow, these outdoor melmac photos are really gorgeous" haha. Definitely not crazy - I would do the same thing! That last photos is so sweet - but I could only imagine seeing the guy roll down the street without the child in the truck:) Have a lovely week Laura!

Alexis said...

Hahaha. Ah, the joy of taking photos away from home. I'm too scared to take my stuff elsewhere to photograph most of the time, although I see people doing pictures of all sorts of things in a lot of places. Your came out so nice!

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