Thursday, March 26, 2015

Then and Now

Hey everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well and are having some sort of Spring weather popping up! We had two weeks of gorgeousness...and then we got six inches of snow yesterday. I was not a happy camper. 

Anyway, this dress is one of my favorites! I wear it to the office a lot usually with the same shoes and tights - yikes, I might need to mix it up a little. (Leave me some other styling suggestions in the comments!) 

But, the main reason that I love this dress is that it was my mom's! I swear every time that I head home, I find some of her clothes hidden somewhere in her house. The time that I found this dress though was when I needed the old clothing rack in the basement, so I helped her clean off "all the old coats" that were on it. Old coat! Pftsh - I found some of her high school dresses and some amazing 1970's bridesmaids gowns. And they all fit freakishly well. Genes are weird and amazing things. 

I think that this is the best kind of "thrifting"; when you find some amazing vintage things in loved ones closets because you get the story behind it! When I wear this, I don't just picture myself wearing it typing away at my computer in my office. I can also picture my mom wearing it, typing away at a typewriter in her high school typing class or working on a piece for the high school newspaper. While I can imagine wearing this for a casual Saturday date with Kuchanda, I can also picture my mom wearing this out when she met my dad. 

And that is what makes vintage clothes so awesome. 

Dress - Mom's 
Belt - Vintage - Given to me from my sister-in-law; it was her grandmother's. 
Gold bracelets - Consignment store - $5
Shoes - Thrifted - $.75



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Date Night

Hey all!
I think a more appropriate title for this outfit would be "The Date Night That Never Happened." Last weekend I went to Pennsylvania for a work trip. I preached at a church on Sunday and was flying back to Elgin on Monday night, so Chandy and I were going to do something fun on Sunday night. Our date nights usually include burgers and Skee-ball. 

I packed this outfit so that I could wear with my lovely new skirt that My Sister's Closet sent my way. I probably would never pick this shape of skirt out my own - I'm usually all about the fit and flare, so to wear this more straight style that is tighter made me feel a little self-conscious. But then I just thought to myself "YOLO!" I liked the color of the skirt a lot, so I was going to wear it out for a rare date night with my King Goober ("Honey, what should I call you on my blog?" This is the answer that I get.) 

Only that date night NEVER HAPPENED. Instead we got some snow and had to stay in and watch Sherlock - not necessarily a bad thing. It was wonderful way to spend an evening; only it didn't require a skirt and heels!

So, when I came back to Elgin, I got one of my housemates take some shots of me before she and I had a housemate date night. So, I guess this skirt did get to have a date night after all! 

Target top - Thrifted ($1.50)
Cardigan, Shoes, Necklace, and Earrings - Thrifted 
Purse - Thrifted ($2.00)
Tights - I don't remember? 
Watch - Grandfather's
Lipstick - Urban Decay's "Catfight" - a Valentine's gift from my amazing boyfriend!