Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hope Chest: A Little Bit Nuts...

Happy Wednesday everyone! Its almost Friday - which means Fall Break for me *fist pump* 

When I see these pictures I just want to laugh - this a BIG reason why I love blogging. I have pictures that will always bring back good (and hilarious) memories. 

These lovely pink glassware were gifts from my cousin. The mug and large bowl are an unnamed brand, while the small bowl is Pyrex. I believe the mug and small bowl were items that she has thrifted overtime. (I'm sure if anything is inaccurate, that I'll hear about it.) 

However, the big pink bowl was my grandma's, that she passed on to my cousin, who now passed it on to me! Looks like this bowl is destined to stay in the family. Hope my niece, or even my own children have the same unhealthy awesome obsession with vintage dishware as I do. 

I took these pictures at my aunt's house, because I was heading back to school and I wanted my mom to take them back to her house for storage. (Glassware and dorm life don't mix well.) 

So I was taking these pictures, trying to be all serious, somber, and artistic, when my cousin goes, "Let's put my mom's creepy squirrel figures in front of them!" So we did...even though squirrels kind of freak me out. 

And of course, all the best pictures include the ones with them in it. I think these little demons guys need names. Any suggestions? 

Moral of the day: 

Don't take life too seriously. 

Also, squirrels love Pyrex. 

Fancy little nutters. 




Marisa Noelle said...

Gotta say, I kind of love & want those squirrels for my creepy as they may be...hehe. These photos are hilarious Laura. Your writing here always makes me laugh. Also, I love the corally pink color of those pieces.
I really should try & thrift more serving-ware/kitchenware like that.

In regards to your comment - I've never been to the Hands on House. I feel like I've heard of it - but I want to know more! Sounds like a great place to take Keane.

Have a lovely Hump Day darling! xo Marisa

Katherine said...

THOSE SQUIREELS!!!! so cute. and lighting for these photos were perfect. and yay for fall break

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Unknown said...

so cuuuteee :)amazing photos!

Ali W. said...

hahaha the squirrels are hilarious! They're actually kinda cute...

Unknown said...

I'm always looking forward to your posts!
I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Its a really cool way to get your blog out there! You can find all the information on my blog!

xx Emily

Heather Belle said...

Not gonna lie, I thought the squirrels were real at first glance... Freaked me out a little bit X-) Haha!
xo Heather

Lilla said...

omg I almost believed those were real squirrels! :D

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