Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween! 

Honestly, I forgot that it was Halloween until about noon today when I walked  into campus' coffee shop and all the workers had costumes on... Oops. 

This is what happens when you celebrate over the weekend; you forget about things like dates of the actual holiday pretty quickly. 

I always have good intentions to get into Halloween, but then life happens and I'm always left figuring out a costume at the last minute. 

This year a friend of mine directed to the American Apparel website, where I found this idea to dress like a kite! 

I found it hilarious, so I thought, "why not?" 

Except no one knew what I was... 

My favorite reactions?

"I'm going as a kite." 

"Oh. Don't blow away?" 


"Do you know what I am?"

"A Keebler elf?"

Yeah... the hat went off quickly after that.

Shirt - Thrifted (originally Gap
Tights - Thrifted 
Bow Ties - Thrifted 
Shoes - Payless

Although, I did then throw my phone, lipstick, and...err, tail into the hat and turned into a "clutch", as my elf calling friend said, "in true Laura Whitman" style. 

Next year, I'm going to start planning much earlier. 

Have a great and safe  Halloween everyone! 



Monday, October 29, 2012

Melmac Monday: Storm Edition

Hey everyone, 

Happy Monday!

This certainly is an interesting Monday because I'm currently feeling the effects of  a lady named Sandy. 

And she is about to get dressed up in the leather leggings, red heels, and dancing with John Travolta on a carnival ride singing "You Are the One I Want" for us Central Pennsylvanians very soon. 

So much so, that classes have been canceled for tomorrow!

Halle-freakin'-lujah. I really did not want to walk to class in 75 mph winds and torrential downpours; that is not my idea of a fun time. My roommate and I are planning on not leaving our room for 36 hours or more. 

This was our shopping list: 

- Water 
-Naked Juice 
-Cookie Dough 
- Body Wash 
- Anastasia on DVD  

That is how you survive a hurricane, people - at least in college. 

This past weekend, realizing that we were going to get pounded with massive amounts of rain and wind, I decided I should probably take some pictures. 

These little beauties were purchased the last time I was home for $2. There are 8 total, but unfortunately 2 of them have cracks in them. Hopefully I can use them for something - let me know if you have any ideas. 

The best part about these bowls though is that they match these bowls that my sister-in-law gave me over the summer.   

A random fact: hurricanes bring out the craziness in the roomie and I. 

Here are a couple of golden quotes that have happened in the past day: 

Me: Amy! If we don't have class tomorrow, I don't have to wear a real bra; no one will judge me if I wear a sports bra all day!


Amy: I love when boys sing a capella, I don't know why, it is just awesome. 

Laura: That is because it is boys singing. Pretty sure that is the only good thing that boys can do with their mouths.

Laura: (coming into the room after work - seeing Amy there wide-eyed and eating a Kit Kat). Hi? 

Amy: Girl. I'm working on my fat storage. I'm going into hibernation. 

And finally, our Hurricane Theme Song: 

Why, you may ask?

Why not? 

I'm sure there will be more hilarity to come; it will just be us and the hurricane all day tomorrow. 

To all of those who are about to experience/are experiencing the wrath of Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Just like a girl at a frat party: make smart choices and be safe. 



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life Lately: Mountain Day to Fall Break

Happy Tuesday everyone. 

I'm so exhausted today - I got back to school from the city at 3 am. 

And the slept until noon.  That felt really awesome. 

Anyway, I feel like I have been talking about the cool things that I have been up to lately and have been actually snapping photos of them, but they just haven't ended up on the blog. 

So, here is how my semester is going so far. 

celebrating Mountain Day//my gal pal Alexa and I at the Lake for MD//Storming of the Arch//getting to see my best friend Becky//at Penn State - by the way she and her friends are releasing a video game about Penn State's marching band; how cool is that?!//Harry Potter inspired picture with a friend//getting to see my cousin during a weekend at home//some ham pot pie//shoo-fly pie and cheap vintage jewelry at Brethren Heritage Fair//a glimpse of an adorable photo shoot I did for class//the view from the graveyard near my parents house//Kimbra at Webster Hall (also, stole this picture from a friend - I was not taking the expensive camera into the concert, so he was kind enough to snap some pics for me on his fancy phone) //my adorable friend Melanie at the consignment shop where she works//making pumpkin muffins.

Have a great day everyone!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Melmac Monday: Feeling Crafty

Hey everyone! Happy Monday.

Hope that you had a fabulous weekend. I'm still Fall Breaking it up in New York. Kimbra was ABSOLUTELY amazing. My friends and I had such a blast at that concert. 

I'm spending the day with Melanie at her school, where is she a craft intern! How farfin' cool is that?! I can't wait to show off what I made, even though I am far from crafty 

Therefore since I'm feeling a little crafty - I thought I would show you these cool Melmac projects that I have found around on the interwebz. 

Isn't that clock the coolest thing ever? I really need to make one of those - I even have that pattern. (Check it out here) But, I'll have to find a single plate at a thrift store, because there is no way that I'm using a plate out of my set. 

Hope that everyone has a great Monday! 



Friday, October 19, 2012

Concrete Jungle

I'm about to board my train to this wonderful place 

to see this wonderful artist 

and spend time with this AMAZING friend 

Also, I bought a pumpkin donut for breakfast. 

Life is so good right now. 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Leaves and Sweaters

It's Thursday everyone - which means tomorrow is Friday! 

Which means it is Fall Break is here! 

Which means that I get to see Kimbra! 

AND my friend Melanie!

It is going to be awesome

As you can tell, it officially has become fall here in Central PA

I love all the leaves and the colors everywhere - it makes me want to curl up with a pumpkin dessert, a mug of hot chocolate, and a really good book. 

Oh, if only school allowed that to happen. 

This outfit is basically the same that I wore way back in February - oh goodness, where does time go. So much has changed since then. 

Anyway, in that post I basically complained about how this romper has a zipper in the back - why? Because, people are silly. 

However, I decided to make this outfit even MORE difficult and add a sweater over top of it. 

I'm such a genius... 

However, it is pretty funny how I got this sweater. 

It was the end of last semester. I was coming back from the library late after studying and I was very sleepily walking to my room, when I glanced at the garbage can. I stopped and  took a step back to the trashcan, a little more awake. I ran to my room and got dressed in my jammies and walked to the bathroom, trying to seem totally casual. 

After washing the face and brushing the teeth, I sprinted back to the garbage can. 

The foreign exchange girls in my hall had thrown out a lot of their (expensive) clothes. This was seriously better than thrifting. They even conveniently had placed all of their clothes in an A&F bag (hello, sexy + shirtless men) beside the garbage can. I grabbed it and quickly scurried into my room. 

I ended up keeping this sweater and its gray twin that were from Gap and a gray cardigan from Forever 21. Amy kept a really cute tank top and then I consigned the rest, including a pair of Uggs. 

Therefore, I had a $15 check when I got back to school. 

Laura: Romper (worn as a skirt) - Thrifted (originally Express
Sweater - Garbage - so weird. (originally Gap
Tights, Boots, and Necklace - Thrifted 

We certainly are loving fall styles here in room 408. Cozy and comfy sweaters are perfect for these days that seem to fluctuate  between chilly and mild. 

Can't wait until we show you our next roomie fashion post - Amy made a big change! But, it is going to be a surprise, so I guess you are going to have to wait until next week, after Fall Break. 

Amy: Sweater - Thrifted 
Jeans - Levi's
Boots - Bass 
Hat - Fashion Bug 

Well, I'm off to pack for NYC, while Amy studies for her physics midterm -icky! 

I'm sure she'll kick it square in the bootay though!  

Have a great night everyone! 


Laura + Amy 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hope Chest: A Little Bit Nuts...

Happy Wednesday everyone! Its almost Friday - which means Fall Break for me *fist pump* 

When I see these pictures I just want to laugh - this a BIG reason why I love blogging. I have pictures that will always bring back good (and hilarious) memories. 

These lovely pink glassware were gifts from my cousin. The mug and large bowl are an unnamed brand, while the small bowl is Pyrex. I believe the mug and small bowl were items that she has thrifted overtime. (I'm sure if anything is inaccurate, that I'll hear about it.) 

However, the big pink bowl was my grandma's, that she passed on to my cousin, who now passed it on to me! Looks like this bowl is destined to stay in the family. Hope my niece, or even my own children have the same unhealthy awesome obsession with vintage dishware as I do. 

I took these pictures at my aunt's house, because I was heading back to school and I wanted my mom to take them back to her house for storage. (Glassware and dorm life don't mix well.) 

So I was taking these pictures, trying to be all serious, somber, and artistic, when my cousin goes, "Let's put my mom's creepy squirrel figures in front of them!" So we did...even though squirrels kind of freak me out. 

And of course, all the best pictures include the ones with them in it. I think these little demons guys need names. Any suggestions? 

Moral of the day: 

Don't take life too seriously. 

Also, squirrels love Pyrex. 

Fancy little nutters.