Monday, December 24, 2012

Melmac Monday: It Looks Like a Butt

Merry Christmas Eve all! 

Hope that everyone had a joyful and triumphant weekend; I did some last minute shopping, went to see a Hershey Bear's game, and watched some more Christmas movies. 

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas! I have some major wrapping to do tonight once I get home tonight. I keep praying that it doesn't snow, so that I can actually get around safely. 

See, I'm house sitting for about the next week, so I'll be driving the 20 minute  distance to my parents house.  I  also realized that I didn't bring any nice clothes for the Christmas Eve service tonight. Thank goodness that my fave thrift store is right down the road and actually open today. Hopefully I can find something festive today - keep your fingers crossed for me. 

In regards to this lovely Melmac piece, I got this for a little over $2 when I was thrifting with my mom last Monday; I squealed when I saw the pink tag on it, which meant that it was 50% off! Yes! 

So, when I went to Becky's house for a photoshoot (pictures soon to come), she let me use her camera for a couple shots of this lovely orange tray. 

While I was quickly getting some shots (it was COLD), she says to me, "You know, that kind of looks like a butt." 

Therefore, from now on whenever I use this tray, I will always think of her and laugh. 

Life Lesson: A good friend will compliment your thrifty find; a best friend will compare it to awkward body parts. :) 

Have a great holiday everyone! 



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merry christmas!!


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