Friday, December 28, 2012

Life Goals

Hey everyone! What's shaking? 

I'm super happy it is Friday. I'm still house sitting and it is supposed to snow buckets and buckets tomorrow. 

Such a great excuse to stay in my pj's, watch the Dark Knight, and eat an absurd amount of peanut butter M&Ms. 

 These pictures are a tad old (as you can see campus behind me), but I really liked my outfit and hair from this day, so why not? My friend Alexa had braided my hair the night before, and it became so wavy the next day! Loved it! 

Dress - Thrifted: altered: remixed here and here 
Sweater - Thrifted 
Shoes - Hand me downs 
Belt - Thrifted 
Headband - Kohl's 

Well, I'm off to put on my comfy (read 'holey') sweats. 

However, before I do that, I would like you to leave you with my new goal in life. 

My best friend sent me this Buzzfeed countdown of the top 25 Jennifer Lawrence quotes. So. Good. Jennifer Lawrence is just amazing. 

Anyways, #18 is just so hilarious and awesome, that I can't stop watching/laughing at it. 

So, I told my friend that if we are ever both on the red carpet that I am   doing this to her, without a doubt.

And she said: "If you are the reason that we are both there, you totally have my permission." 

Challenged accepted. 




Becky said...


Imogen said...

Love this gorgeous, bright colour. It looks great with stripes.

Unknown said...

Ok so:
1. This is a super cute outfit
2. I totally have that cardigan. And i got it while thrifting.
3. I love Jennifer Lawrence, so thank you so much for that link. :D

Katherine H. said...

The belt is a beautiful detail. Beautiful outfit! Joined your blog on GFC. :)


Lily Fang said...

You look so chic! Loving the purple and black combo. I love thrifting too and I'm glad I found your blog!

Marsa said...

your style is so cute!!!

i'm following you

i hope you visit my blog too and maybe even follow :)

Brandy Saldana said...

Love your blog's title. I am a huge thrifter too. (it's my addiction!)

Loving this outfit and I love how your hair was styled. (I am no good with braids)lol


Maria said...

I love that dress Laura! It's so cute and the colour really suits you. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you to be getting your braces off. How long now?
xx Maria

countrygirl said...

Your hair looks great!

Midwest Muse said...

I love the color of your dress!

Maxens M. Finch said...

I really like that dress color, and the belt+hair accessory.
And I love to wear holey sweaters with a patterned shirt under, if the holes are big enough. So you can be comfy and it does look good. Hmm. That'd be if I had holey sweaters.

Maxens M. Finch said...

And happy new year!

Chioma said...

what a lovely dress! :)

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