Monday, December 17, 2012

Melmac Monday: All that Jazz

Hey hey, everyone! 

Hope that you are having a super fabulous Monday. 

Today was my first official weekday home for break and it feels so. WONDERFUL. 

I got to thrift, catch up on Glee, belt various songs on my Spotify, see my brother + sister-in-law, and just in general be a lazy bum. 

Ahh, Winter vacation. 


1960's Vintage Melmac Five Piece Set In Grey Tones 

Blue melmac, Blue melamine, Blue Allied Chemical dish set, Glamping dish set

Vintage Russel Wright Cream and Sugar Bowl in Melmac

Vintage Melmac Melamine Mix And Match Dinnerware Set In Pink Tones

Vintage Melmac Plates. 6 Luncheon Salad Dessert Snack Size. Harmony House Talk of the Town.

Hope you enjoyed these lovely Melmac pieces today. 

Well, I'm off to watch Chicago and read 'Sing You Home.' 

Gosh, I love break. 




Unknown said...

Well..what can I say?..I love pink! those are adorable plates, and I love the cupcake on top how cute.

samecookiesdifferent said...

LOOKS perfect for my new home
x - LVE
the cookies

Katherine said...

I miss winter breaks! Even in college, I didn't get them because of how my school worked. I did co-op terms every other quarter, so I worked right up until Christmas and went back to school the first Monday of the year! All of your melmac finds are so colorful and pretty

<3 katherine

Unknown said...

Super cute blog, you guys crack me up!! Hey from a new Irish follower! x

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Great finds! We have a total mix of plates because we got them from different family members when we moved to our new home :)

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