Monday, February 13, 2012

Frown Turned Upside Down!

Hey all!

Let me tell you, today started off kind of sucky. I was definitely acting like Garfield on a Monday. I woke up and thought "Oh no, I have a social stats exam today, plus a Spanish exam to study for tomorrow, and I am scheduled from 9 to 5, and quite simply I don't want to get out of bed." After staring at the rather boring dorm ceiling with anger and self-pity for awhile, I finally managed to get myself out of bed.

I checked my email and started FREAKING OUT! Well, I was freaking out silently, because my lucky roommate does not have class until 11am and was still asleep. Anyway, I received an email from Ausk√© from Sheepy Me saying that I won $45 credit for her adorable wool jewelry from the giveaway over at The Dainty Squid!

I never win anything! (Well, except for almost winning TV's...that's another story.)

Thanks ladies, for making this gal's day so much better!

Huldra    Betty

I decided to go with the classic Huldra bracelets in white, pink, and black and the adorable Betty necklace in pink!

Hope that everyone has a good Valentine's eve as well!



Dana Fox said...

that is awesome congrats on the win :)
xo dana

Unknown said...


Little Tree Vintage said...

happy valentines!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Hope that you have a happy Valentine's as well. :)

aliciafashionista said...

Oooh that is the best news in the am! Super exciting, and the perfect V day gift! Which, btw, Happy Valentine's Day :) x

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's to you too! :)

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