Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Etsy Shop Update: The Final Chapter

Hey everyone, 

In case it hasn't been clear, I have been a little stressed lately. 

Between school, work, clubs, and friends/family, I have been feeling like a blur. I definitely do not want to shut down Thrifting Through Life, because I love it, oh-so-much, and it is how I de-stress. 

So, I made a list of things that I could cut out of my life, and unfortunately my Etsy shop, Beloved Abundance, is one of those things.I realized that when I forgot to pay my bill for it this past month - I never miss bills, EVER. I haven't had time to shop for it, update it, or promote it. Maybe one day, I will be able to own a vintage shop again, but right now, for my stress level and health, it just isn't realistic anymore. 

I have decided to keep the shop open for a little bit longer because I would really like to see the clothes go to someone who will really appreciate them. However, prices are now negotiable. 

I have also talked with a lot of my friends and family, some who have modeled for me, to see if they were interested in anything and I had some takers, so listings may just be deleted. If you would like to take a look around and see if anything catches your eye, please do so. 

This is a decision that I have not made lightly, but I feel is the correct one. Thanks to Amy, who has been a really awesome partner in crime. You rock, girl! And thanks to everyone who has modeled for BAV, including Maggie, Alice, Amy, Melanie, Kara, Lauren, and Christine. 

Pink Misty Lane Dress

Blue Summer Dress




Anni said...

Well good luck on whatever you need to sort through in your life and I hope it gets better :) If I had money to spare, pretty sure I'd be completely all over that 70s jacket.


Stylishlyme said...

Its important to keep balance and not let things that are supposed to be fun become the things that brings more stress into your life.

I'm having an end of summer giveaway on my blog, would love for you to pass by and enter!


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you have been stressed out. I hope that you get to feeling like yourself soon. Cute jacket on you btw. I hope that you do keep your blog.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you are closing your shop:( Best wishes to you handling all of that stress! Yikes!




Bonnie said...

I spend way too much time on Etsy. It's addicting.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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