Friday, June 15, 2012

Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

Hey all! These past couple of days have been so great. 

I got meet up with a friend that I went to high school with, the lovely Miss Elisabeth! 

I got some lovely gems from that trip. 

Liz's outfit matching her ice cream! I think that she needs to be my next friend guest on my blog, don't you? :) 

This cute pooch is my housemate's dog, Annie. I have been watching her while Bethany is in South Dakota. Annie and I have become best friends and I'm glad she is in the house with me, because it can get lonely. However, Annie is probably the silliest dog ever! She is such a diva: she hates to walk on grass, she doesn't like to eat in the same room as her food, and when I bought her this lovely doggy bowl at the ice cream place, she would not eat the dog bones! What a crazy dog. 

Probably should have taken another picture of me that didn't involved me stuffing my face full of ice cream, but oh well! 

The other exciting thing going on in my life? Amy, Melanie, and I got tickets to go see Kimbra in NYC in October! There are no words to say how excited I am!!!! Amy and I have been blasting Kimbra in our dorm room for probably the past year and we are so PUMPED! Now. I just have to wait 4 months...


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Sophie said...

oh my gosh, i didn't know there was ice cream for dogs!

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