Monday, October 29, 2012

Melmac Monday: Storm Edition

Hey everyone, 

Happy Monday!

This certainly is an interesting Monday because I'm currently feeling the effects of  a lady named Sandy. 

And she is about to get dressed up in the leather leggings, red heels, and dancing with John Travolta on a carnival ride singing "You Are the One I Want" for us Central Pennsylvanians very soon. 

So much so, that classes have been canceled for tomorrow!

Halle-freakin'-lujah. I really did not want to walk to class in 75 mph winds and torrential downpours; that is not my idea of a fun time. My roommate and I are planning on not leaving our room for 36 hours or more. 

This was our shopping list: 

- Water 
-Naked Juice 
-Cookie Dough 
- Body Wash 
- Anastasia on DVD  

That is how you survive a hurricane, people - at least in college. 

This past weekend, realizing that we were going to get pounded with massive amounts of rain and wind, I decided I should probably take some pictures. 

These little beauties were purchased the last time I was home for $2. There are 8 total, but unfortunately 2 of them have cracks in them. Hopefully I can use them for something - let me know if you have any ideas. 

The best part about these bowls though is that they match these bowls that my sister-in-law gave me over the summer.   

A random fact: hurricanes bring out the craziness in the roomie and I. 

Here are a couple of golden quotes that have happened in the past day: 

Me: Amy! If we don't have class tomorrow, I don't have to wear a real bra; no one will judge me if I wear a sports bra all day!


Amy: I love when boys sing a capella, I don't know why, it is just awesome. 

Laura: That is because it is boys singing. Pretty sure that is the only good thing that boys can do with their mouths.

Laura: (coming into the room after work - seeing Amy there wide-eyed and eating a Kit Kat). Hi? 

Amy: Girl. I'm working on my fat storage. I'm going into hibernation. 

And finally, our Hurricane Theme Song: 

Why, you may ask?

Why not? 

I'm sure there will be more hilarity to come; it will just be us and the hurricane all day tomorrow. 

To all of those who are about to experience/are experiencing the wrath of Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Just like a girl at a frat party: make smart choices and be safe. 




Katherine said...

yeah i didn't have work either and it was great! and i love that sandy from greece is attacking - haaha! i've never lived anywhere that could be affected by a hurricane like this and it's still weird to me that i in pennsyvlania got hit by a hurricane kind of, but my husband who lived in florida all year didn't. what's up with that.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Midwest Muse said...

It's been crazy here too! My campus was the only one that didn't close today and it was pretty miserable on campus. You are lucky.

Marissa @ Chic Darling said...

What exactly is naked juice?

Stevia said...

I hope you stay safe and dry and warm during the storm :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Sarah Azzouzi said...

Hope you're okay!!

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