Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hope Chest: Fall(ing) for Pyrex

Hey everyone, 

Hope that you are having a fabulous and thrifty Thursday. 

Things have been pretty cray on my end - work and school, school and work. I feel like I'm constantly tired, honestly. 

Hopefully, things will calm down soon because I feel like I've been super boring lately and don't have time for the blog - which is how I relax. 

I do love these pictures though - I took them last weekend when I was home for the weekend. I shot them actually in my parent's backyard - where I grew up running around as a little tyke, so it was good to be traipsing through the corn with my amazing 2.5 quart Pyrex dish.  

Isn't this gal a beaut? (I don't know why I assume this dish is a girl - it just sort of happened - sheesh, next thing you know, I'll be naming my dishware.)

I found her at a  tiny thrift store at school for $5. She is in such good shape too, definitely not used too many times.  

When I found it this was the conversation that went down with the roomie. 

Me: "OOOO! *picks up dish* AMY, OHMYGOSH - LOOK!" 

Amy: .... 

Me: *holds out dish and smiles like a small child with candy*

Amy: "You know we walked here, right? And that campus is about a 15 minute walk away?"

Laura: "Yes." *holds the beautiful Pyrex dish out further and smiles wider*

Amy: "Girl, you have a problem."

She'll be thanking me when we have dishes to make baked ziti in next year. :) 

Today I'm linking with Lara's Vintage for Thrifty Thursday. Head over and check everyone else's thrifty finds! 




Mother of Beees said...

Pyrex is the best! I collect that pattern, it's so fun! Thanks for linking up!!

Sarah Azzouzi said...

its suuuch a cute dish. Perfect for the setting! very thanksgiving-ish.

Faith @ The Cheap Girl's Guide to Chic said...

The Pyrex dish is such a fun pattern, and your shots of the back yard are GORGEOUS! Makes me wish I was outside right now!

Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh I really love the color of this one! I can't tell you how much I love vintage Pyrex, but I have yet to find any! I swear it's where I live in Northern, PA - it seems rare to find anything of quality in thrift stores up here!

What a beautiful location too! xo Marisa

Unknown said...

That dish makes me think of my grandma :)

Alessia Morello said...

Love this pics !!!

Do u wanna follow each other??

New post about "organise the accessories"


Sarah Lewis said...

Cute dish, Pyrex is great! Your blog is really nice :)

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Dearest Lou said...

I love pyrex and mustard yellow is amazing! You got some pretty shots too <3

Dearest Lou

Katherine said...

these are really fun - is it weird they make me want corn really bad?

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Marlen said...

oooo i love the scenery- how awesome that you got to grow up there. and i LOVE your find! it's so cute- and i remember that when i was a kid we had dishes and bowls with that design. i'm having flashbacks! :)

Anonymous said...
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