Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nine is a Mighty Fine Number!

Today is my niece's ninth birthday! I'm sad that I can't be celebrating with her at the American Girl store in NYC, since I'm at training in Elgin. I'm so jelly that she got her birthday party there; I'm sure that she is having a blast! 

As you can probably tell from these pictures, Lily has the fashion gene in her as well. Plus, she can walk in my heels (which are about 4 sizes too large for her) just as well as I can. 

I still remember the day that she was born; I was in fifth grade and I was so excited! Every free second that I had I would rush back to the computer in my classroom and check the hospital's website to see if they posted her picture yet. 

So, have a great ninth birthday Lily girl! I love you so much; I can't wait to see you continue growing from an awesome girl to an amazing teenager and beyond! 




Buttons Apart said...

Aww your niece looks so cute. and you guys look like you had some fun trying at the heels! Happy Birthday to Lily!

Sita xx

Chelsea Finn said...

Aw! haha, she is seriously so adorable! I love the ones of you too walking around!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

The Braided Bandit said...

These pictures are adorable! It's so cute that she can walk so well in you heels!

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