Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hope Chest: Pyrex Mugs and Thrifty Thursday

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a marvelous thrifty Thursday (got to love alteration, right?) 

I haven't share a "Hope Chest" post in awhile -you can check out the explanation here; that was before I started doing Melmac Mondays! 

I found these lovely Pyrex mugs at a thrift store for .30 cents a piece, and I just think they are so adorable. I have a lot of cool mugs already, but I just couldn't resist.  They remind me a lot of the dishes that my aunt had when I was younger. 

I'm really excited to put them with the rest of my collection that is just waiting until I have a place of my own- although they may end up in my dorm room sometime this semester. 

Today I'm co-hosting "Thrifty Thursday" link party over at Lara's Vintage, so just grab a button below and head on over to share your thrifty finds. :) 

This link party was created to bring together all of you thrifty bloggers! So link up with your blog post showing your recent thrifted finds! 
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Also, I linked up my favorite thrifted outfit over at Coffee and Cardigans- so check out the thrifty duds over there, too!




Mother of Beees said...

Pyrex mugs are the greatest! Very cute find!

Chrissy said...

we have the matching plate collection which i love so i cannot for the life of me remember why when i found the adorable mugs i left them behind. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? ;)

AnchorsandHoney said...

Love these!!

Unknown said...

Hello fellow co-host! Nice to meet you! :) Great cups!!! :) XoXo Crystal from Billie Jean

Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

I love those cups! They are so cute! I wouldn't be able to save them, I'd have to put them out and use them right away ;)

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Linking up with you guys for the first time today! I have thrift shopping blog too so I'm excited to link up with other thrifters!


vintage grey said...

Love your sweet Pyrex mugs!! xo Heather

Elana said...

These mugs are so cute! And I'll have to link up with you next week (you know, when I'm not two days late), I love that idea!

Unknown said...

so cuuuteee :)

Cynthia Ann said...

Lula girl, she still has them. Shocking, no?

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love these mugs so much! <3 Such a good find!

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Loulou said...

Great find! And amazing price. I love my 'crazy daisy' collection. Though I know this pattern is officially called 'Spring Blossom' I prefer the nickname crazy daisy. So much kore fun!


Rachel The Hat said...

oh wow! im a vintage pyrex lover/collector and these cups are the sweetest i have seen a while! great find lovely!!xx

Life's a shoe said...

these are so pretty!

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