Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make It Work!

Hey gals! 

Hope that everyone is having a fabulous and wonderful Wednesday evening. 

These pictures of Miss Amy and I were from last week, when we went up to State College to see... TIM. GUNN. 

That's right. We were three rows away from Mr. Amazing himself. 

He really is an amazing person and we were SO excited to see him speak.  

Plus, I got to see my best friend who goes to Penn State, so overall it was an amazing night! 

Somethings we learned from Tim Gunn: 

1.) Take the high road: "I have one other overarching piece of advice about how we navigate the world, and I do practice it but I'll give you a codicil after I deliver it. And it's the following: Take the high road. No matter how much strife and consternation you're faced with, no matter how angry you are, no matter how much you want to write that nasty email, no matter how much you want to bitch slap your boss or family member, don't do it. I have never, ever done that and not regretted it and whenever I take the high road, I'm happy.

"Now, here's the codicil, and it has to do with my mother, may she rest in peace. Sometimes the high road gets so high, and she would take me there, that my nose would bleed. Then it's time to get off, and you do and you deal with it. So if the high road gets so high your nose is bleeding, you have permission to get off of it."

2.) The clothes that we wear send a message about ourselves to the world. 

3.) It is all about silhouette, proportion, and fit. 

4.) Do everything at 150%

5.) Tim came out in a blue suit and brown shoes, to which he said, "People said you shouldn't do this - sure you can!" If Tim Gunn says it is okay, that is good enough for us! 

5.) "You never know where life is going to take you. Take risks." 

6. A good blazer is everything. 

7.) And of course, "Make it work!" 

The best part about him saying that phrase was that you could tell that he really meant it! It wasn't something that felt like he had to say it because of Project Runway; he really wants you to make it work. 

Dress - Macy's 
Sweater - Thrifted - originally Forever 21 
Tights - Wal*Mart
Necklaces - both from Forever 21

Dress - Thrifted - originally Anna Sui for Target 
Sweater - Hand-me-down from my sister - originally H&M 
Tights - T.J. Maxx - Anna Sui 

8.) These are the faces that we make after seeing Mr. Gunn. 



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Katie Aman said...

Aw, you two are cuuute! That's so exciting to see Tim Gunn...great advice too! I love how unique your black dress is!

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