Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I got back from camp tonight and I am exhausted. Thank goodness, I'm going into the office tomorrow at 10 instead of 9. An extra hour of sleep is a lovely thing indeed. 

These are the final pictures that Becky took of me at her house. She was a big fan of this shirt, because she said it is different from things I usually wear. (See the other parts of the series here and here). And yes, I am aware that all these posts have rather awkward titles. 

You see. Tonight I got home and said to my housemate, "let's go get ice cream!" So, we went to this little locally owned place and got chocolate peanut butter milkshakes. We walked, so on the way back we were drinking milkshakes in our yard. So of course, we had to take pictures, of us being confused and wondering where all the boys were. Don't judge. 

And if you don't understand the reference, please pull your head out of whatever hole it is in and listen to this - yeah. I was singing this in elementary school. Oh dear.  

Also, I may or may not have thought for a long time that the lyric in this song "I could teach you" was actually  "like a choo-choo." Okay. You can judge for that one. 

Does anyone else really want a milkshake right now? 

Top - Thrifted 
Jeans - Hand-me-down from a friend 
Shoes - Kohls
Bracelet - Gift from a friend while she was on vacay. 




Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

Ooohh, now I really want a milkshake! Maybe I'll treat myself tomorrow...

Dearest Lou said...

Love this outfit Laura and your hair looks so adorable like this!

Ashley Kelly said...

New follower :) I found you through comments on an Awkward Girls post. I love your sense of humor and style! And I would love for you to drop by and say hello!

Of Thoughts and Things

kaila mo said...

love your top, it is so cute!!

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