Friday, January 31, 2014

Polka Dots on a Friday Night

Hey everyone!

Hope that you are having an amazing Friday night! 

This was the end of my first week at my internship - and I love it. I'm really happy with how thing are going so far. I'm sure it will continue to go well! 

My dad shot this outfit for me while I was home a couple weekends ago - it was such a gorgeous day out, but cold. But, I had to show off these amazing polka dot jeans that I got - they are my new favorite! In fact, I may or may not being wearing them right now! Also, this necklace was my mom's; she got it at a flea market when she was in high school. It is an old mercury dime, cut out to showcase Liberty. I'm such a coin jewelry nut and this necklace started it all! 
Well, now I'm going to have a wonderful relaxing night watching "Chuck" and "Rent" with some of my gal pals! Oh! And ice cream. Got to have the ice cream. 

Have a great night, everyone!

Jeans - Target - Thrifted//Sweater - Thrifted//Beanie - Thrifted//Necklace - stolen from my mother//Bracelet - Clothing swap//Boots- Kohl's - Christmas present 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: January 20-26

Hey there, 

Going to keep this 365 post a little short tonight: I got to get up at about 6:30 or so to get my booty to my internship. It is my first full week and I'm really excited about it! 

I hope that a lovely weekend was had by all! 

January 20: Pushing Daisies night! 

January 21: Going through some thrift finds from half off day at my favorite store. 

January 22: Excited first day of internship face! 

January 23: Things to do when you are sick in bed. 

January 24: Amy built a fort in her room. It was magical. 

January 25: I got a new dress! 

January 26: A lazy couple of hours watching 'Chuck' with one of my housemates. 



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Classics

Hey everyone! Hope that you are all having a wonderful week! It is almost Friday - thank goodness! I am ready for the weekend. 

Although, honestly, I haven't been that productive this week. I was off Monday and had a snow day on Tuesday. Wednesday was my first day at my professional semester, but then today I got sick! So, really I haven't done much this week, therefore I really shouldn't complain. 

I am feeling better now, though, so I am going to my internship tomorrow. I'm going to be basically working full time at a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center. Right now, I am in training, but I am ready to jump in the work and see how that goes. 

Anyway, here are some outfits that Amy and I wore during our week of working on our on-campus job before the semester started. Trying to stay classy in the cold. 

On Amy: 

Sweater: Forever 21: Thrifted// Skirt: Old Navy: Thrifted// Scarf: Forever 21// Bow: "I've had it forever - I don't remember where it is from!"// Boots: Bass

On Laura:

Dress (worn as a skirt): Clothing swap// Tights:Target: Thrifted//Sweater: Thrifted// Belt: Vintage: Thrifted// Earrings: Yardsale//Boots: Kohl's (Christmas gift)// Purse: Jessica Simpson: Thrifted - for $1! Definitely one of my favorite finds! (Exact one here)



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: January 13-19

Hey everyone, 

I have been sort of a bad blogger this week - but, at least this week I have an excuse. My poor computer decided to be taken over by terrible things like spyware and viruses. But, we are back and running thanks to my big brother. (I don't know if he actually reads my blog, but thanks again bro!)

However, I am thinking of getting my computer replaced after I graduate - mine is definitely reaching the end of its life. I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook actually - if any of you have one, let me know what you think of it! 

So, here are a few shots of my past week! Hope that you are all having a fabulous weekend and if you have a day off tomorrow (like me!) it will be a relaxing one. 

January 13: Reunited housemates!

January 14: Amy and I watched 'the Bachelor' with our teddy bears; that's right, it was "Bachelor and Bears" night! 

January 15: Wall decorations. 

January 16: Cleaning up after a roomie supper. 

January 17: A glimpse of my Jane Austen collection (there may be more at my parent's house). 

January 18: Packing up to head home for the weekend. 

January 19: Game time with my mom. 

Have a great night everyone!



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: January 1-12

Hey guys! I hope that everyone has had a fabulous weekend! 

I have loved seeing other bloggers 365 projects, so I decided one of my "Fearless Fourteen" goals was to take a picture a day - I'm really excited to see all the little random moments that will make up my year! 

January 1: Starting the year off right with a PA Dutch tradition of pork and sauerkraut - it is supposed to bring luck!  

January 2: The first snow of the year. 

January 3: Start the year off with a new change - I got a new wallet! 

January 4: Doggy sitting. Love him. <3 

January 5: Back at my school home! Love this place. 

January 6: New reads.

January 7: Bundled up for the crazy -30 weather. 

January 8: My new pencil pouch. 

January 9: Coffee and game date with my friend Nikki. 

January 10: Writing before bed in my big comfy chair. 

January 11: Listening to some Whitney while making supper. 

January 12: I hung my vintage curtains from my grandma today. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Enjoy the Adorbs!

Hey there peeps!

I hope that you are all having a terrific week so far! I have just been working away during the day. 

I'm so ready for my housemates to come back - I miss those girls! They bring such joy to my life - and keep me from feeling like such a bum as I sit on the couch for hours on end. 

But seriously though, I have been watching 'The Lizzie Bennet' diaries. It is a modern day interpretation of 'Pride and Prejudice.' Lizzie is witty and hilarious and Lydia is fantastic, just because she is so ridiculous. (She is the inspiration for this title). You need to watch - especially if you are a Jane Austen fan. whhhhhhaaattt

Anywho, my dad took these pictures for me over break - despite his many protests that the neighbors were going to think that we were weird. But, I love how they turned out even if it did start snowing pretty hard. I wore this outfit for brunch with some friends - definitely some of my favorite pieces. That necklace is actually a little mirror! So cute, huh? 

Well, I'm off to watch more Lizzie adventures! Ciao!

Shirt/cardigan/Necklace - Thrifted
Shorts - Vintage - Thrifted
Tights - Gift
Coat - Christmas (a few years ago)
Boots - Christmas gift - SO - Kohl's (on sale here)
Lipstick - Covergirl 'Really Red'