Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Post Inwhich We Reflect on our Weirdness

Woah! Long time no blog. 

Life has been a tad cray around here - it is that '1/4 way through the semester' time and the test/papers have started being due. 

But life in rooms 309/311 (we're in a quad now!) has been pretty grand. And hilarious. least we think so. Thus, the events of our past week can either be described as awkward or awesome. 


You know that girl on campus who runs through the quad singing musicals like 'Les Mis' and 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' at 11:15 at night?? Yeah. That's Laura. 

Amy laughed hysterically for at least 9.5 minutes at this video.*

Boys. Enough said. 

Laura's 'Bad Life Choice of the Century': eating two - yes two - Clif bars in about a 5 hour span. Yeahhhhhh. 

We procrastinate a lot. 

This is the 3rd outfit post in the row that I (Laura) has worn the same skirt; I swear - I do wear other things. I know, I know - 'picture, or it didn't happen.' It has been cold. Don't judge. 

*I think only Laura found this awkward. I (Amy) found it amazing. Watch it. Now. You will die with laughter, promise. 

Coat: Thrifted: Vintage 
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted 


Late night Wendy's/McDonald's run for wild berry lemonade and the first Shamrock Shake of the season! 

This has been our theme song lately. 'Bless the rains' has been the answer to everything between us and our gal pal Alexa. 

We are going home tomorrow to celebrate Amy and her sister's birthdays - the party is 90's themed! Just wait; our outfits are totally rad. 

Boys. Enough Said. 

Laura found out unexpectedly this week that she is moving back to this lovely house for a second year of summer interning at her church!  Plus, Amy has an interview coming up to be a tour guide at a local backyard safari - yeah, such a thing exists! So fun! 

Laura was featured on the ModCloth blog today!

This lovely P&P link here. What character are you!? Laura is Bingley and Amy is Charlotte. We were really glad we didn't get Collins. "What excellent boiled potatoes!" Creep.

Spring Break is coming! Celebrate! 

Sweater: Garbage? That sounds weird, but the story is here : Gap 
Skirt: Thrifted 
Glasses: c/o Firmoo 
Suspenders: Thrifted 
Tights: Anna Sui:TJ Maxx 
Boots/Headband: Christmas gifts
Necklace: Gift from France! 


Laura and Amy 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Hope that your day was filled with happiness and love! 

Thanks so much for your words of kindness on my last post about my blogiversary. It was great to look back on the past year of blogging, especially  my first outfit post was on Valentine's a year ago. 

This Valentine's Day was such a great day. I didn't have a class today, so I worked, hung out with some friends, caught up on some blogs, and had a really good day! 

 Now, Amy and I are closing out our Valentine's Day with some chocolate and a  viewing of 'Bridesmaids!' Such a great movie! 

Have a great Valentine's Day, loves! 

Shirt: One of the gals in my office thrifted this for the work Christmas party; she had no need for it afterwards, so she gave it to me. :) 
Skirt, Belt, Bow Tie (in hair): Thrifted 
Pin: Vintage: Gift from my cousin. 
Tights: Anna Sui:TJ Maxx 
Boots: They were my Mom's 
Glasses: c/o Firmoo

Blouse: Kohl's 
Tank Top: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle - used to be jeans 
Tights: Loft
Shoes: Gift
Headband: Urban Outfitters 
Ring: Gift
Necklace: Forever 21 

 Have a great Valentine's Day all! 



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Hey all! 

It has been a pretty emotional past couple of days, that's for sure. So much, that I completely forgot that today marks the one year anniversary of 'Thrifting Through Life!'

I can't even believe that one year ago I hit the 'publish' button for the first time. It really blows my mind; it seems like forever ago, but at the same time, it also feels like just yesterday. It has been wonderful looking back through this past year - seeing not just how much my style has changed, but also how I personally have grown and matured. 

I'm thankful to everyone who has supported me and my little blog in the past year, including, but not limited too: 

Amy - my partner in crime, thrifting buddy, roommate, and one of my lovely main photographers. Love you, chica. 

Becky - my bbfl, confident, ice cream sharer, and my other main photographer. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. 

Amanda, Lola, and Alli - who have all taken pictures for me at least once. Thank you! 

Maggie, Sarandon, Elena, and Allison - who have all let me get behind the camera for some 'Friend Fashion' posts. 

MariaSarahBaileyKylaLauren,Jennie, Melanie, and Marisa - who have either supplied a guest post for me or let me interview them over the past year. 

To my family- for the Melmac, thrift shop gift cards, and amusing stories to share. I love you all! 

And finally, all of my readers - whether you click on my page from my Facebook page or are a part of the blogging community, I really do appreciate you taking the time to read TTL. 

I never would have dreamed that blogging would become such a main part of my life, but I am so thankful that it has! 



Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Night Was Young and So Were We

Hey, everyone!
Finally a new outfit post - the cold weather really has been hindering the whole photo taking process, but I feel like it is getting a tad bit warmer. Thank goodness! 

I feel like it is taking me longer than I would like to get back into a blogging flow again, but I'm hoping to have some catch-up time this weekend. 

You might have noticed that my specs look a little different. A while ago, a company called Firmoo contacted me and asked me if I would do a review for them. 

I said that I would, but I was about a month away from getting my new prescription, so I really wanted to wait. 

And then finals happened. So it took quite awhile for me to actually get around to ordering my frames - which they were completely understanding about. 

Once I actually picked my frames out, they got here super fast!

They came with a case, traveling pouch, and cleaning cloth. 

The prescription is great and the frames are super durable. In fact, I ran into my closet today and my frames just flew off my face and they were, thankfully, still safe. You got to watch out for those closet doors, let me tell you what. 

So, I was a little nervous about the style of the frames at first; when I tried them on, I thought 'these are way too large!' and took them straight off. But, with kind words of the gals in my office, and just time, I actually have been wearing these more than my original pair. I  couldn't be more pleased!

 So, if you are in the market for some cheap, stylish frames, I would strongly recommend Firmoo - they are actually having a first pair free deal going on right now, so check them out! 

Glasses  - c/o Firmoo
Romper (worn as shirt)- Thrifted- Vintage Express
Skirt, Belt, Tights - Thrifted 
Headband - Christmas gift 
Shoes - Yard sale 'free' box

Have a fabulous night all! 



P.S. I was having a major brain fart on a good title post, so I just hit random on my Spotify playlist and picked a lyric out of the first song that came up. Such a good one. Enjoy. :)  

This post was a product review for Firmoo. In agreement to do a review for them, I received their merchandise at no expense to me. However, my opinions expressed in this post are all genuine and honest.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap: Trivia Night

Hey hey everyone! Long time no see! 

Sorry for the unexpected break - adjusting to the new semester and all. 

Hope that everyone had a fun weekend! Mine consisted of Dutch Blitz, thrifting, movie watching, crafty time, and just watching Beyonce at the Superbowl - she's so awesome and football just... isn't. At least in my opinion. 

Also, Saturday night was Trivia Night at the local coffee place. We have been doing this since freshman year and we have such a great time. 

This time we got a little crafty the night before and made some royal duds to wear. 

Enjoy these pictures from our weekend fun night! I'll be back tomorrow with some new outfit photos. 

Welp, I'm off to watch (read: 'swoon and then cry') 500 Days of Summer with my gal pals! 

Have a great night everyone!