Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Wonderful Life is While You're in the World

Hey everyone! Hope that you are having a good Hump Day. 

I'm really excited about these pictures that I took awhile back for my Digital Photography class. 

When my professor said that we needed to take movie stills, I knew I wanted to do a love story set in decades past, sort of a cheesy/wonderful combo of "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook." 

It was a lot of fun getting to style and run this little shoot. 

Many thanks to my amazing models, Caroline and Schuyler. 

Have a great night everyone! 




Caseyy21 said...

I'm really good friends with Caroline and I love these pictures! They look adorable and they capture the old movie feeling! Good work :)

Katherine said...

these are adorable - my photography class in college was so awesome and i really learned a lot so glad to see you taking one and enjoying it

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Dearest Lou said...

Absolutely love these pictures! You did a great job dear(:

Dearest Lou

Unknown said...

Great pictures!!!! I bet you got an A on your project! :)

Amber said...

awww! these are great :) what a fun assignment. i really love that last one. how did you professor like your photos? i think they came out so good, my only suggestion would be trying different lighting settings, like, some at dusk or dawn, or... i don't know! however, if you had models, i can see how that would make it harder!

regardless, they are really pretty. fun subject matter, too. well done!

glad to have discovered your blog... i hope you have a fabulous weekend!

xox, amber

Sarah with a Bow said...

1. These photos are absolutely adorable.

2. You won my giveaway. Email me?

Unknown said...

you look absolutely amazing! You look so cute together.
Following you on GFC!

Kisses, Lucy:)

MILEX said...

what a perfection

Midwest Muse said...

They are a super adorable couple! I love the one of her in the leaves with the mini in the background. 'Cause minis are the cutest cars.

Teodora said...

I love the story in your pictures. I think you did a great job.

Teodora's Lookbook

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my goodness Laura, these photos are truly adorable! I just love the look in their eyes :) Darling photos and darling couple!

xo Marisa

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