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Besties that Surpass the Resties

Hey all! Remember my BBFL, Becky? (Check out her blog too!) 

Well, today is her 21st birthday! And to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I thought I would go through the photo archives and create "Becky and Laura Through the Years." 

Becky, do you remember when we met? It was 6th grade, through our older siblings. My parents and I were at your house to take prom photos or something like that. Even though we were at separate elementary schools,  we were doing the same "musical" in music class, because we had the same teacher. We talked for a long time about that and how we were excited for middle school the next year. You were so hyper on sugar. I thought you were crazy. 

Then over the summer, we both got asked to be runners for the high school color guard, good times. 

By the time 7th grade rolled around, we were best friends! 

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, girlie! 

(And yes, I did steal some photos off your Facebook - if our high school year book can do it, why can't I?) 

This pictures is from 8th grade. I think we went to a Student Council Banquet or something. That is what I gather from my Xanga, which isn't saying much cause I was a weird poster in 8th grade. Heck, I was just weird in 8th grade. I look back at that stuff, smile, and shake my head. I can't believe this was over six years ago. 

I had posted this with this picture: must leave im sleeping over at my wonderful bff becky's house. u should wish u were here. haha. 

Gosh, my grammar was terrible. I'm glad that my bff stayed the same and my grammar changed mostly for the better. 

Oh man. Summer before freshman year, I believe. It was my youth group's girls night out! Look at all that make-up. Even with all that, we look so young. I guess we were like 14 or 15. Sheesh.

Student Council State Conference! Stole this picture from your Xanga! I can't believe I found that; it was so funny. We had such a great time doing all that PASC stuff, between camp in middle school and doing basically everything senior year, we always had a blast! (I like bananas, mangos are sweet, I like papayas, but nothing can beat PASC!) 

Freshman year homecoming! Didn't you have a PSU tattoo on your shoulder? Because it was Penn State's homecoming too? Oh man, our dresses are kind of hilarious. 

yesterday was awesome! Becky and I went thrift shopping yesterday. it was so fun! we went to peggy's place, jubilee and goodwill. we also we went to the mall and ate at wendys. it was the one of the best days ever. so many qoutes and pictures, and memories. I love you guys. love slutface 

This was a post off my Xanga in November of 2006 - Freshman year: I remember that time well! You got your awesome NL 'Becky' jacket there! I hope you still have that.

July 31, 2007 - The summer before sophomore year. Harry Potter #7 book release. You as Hermione of course, and I as Harry. I can't believe I wore my glasses from elementary school for that whole night! So worth it! I remember you beat that girl, in Harry Potter spelling! So. AWESOME. 

Junior year. After we got our hair cut for musical - except my hair doesn't look like Willy Wonka. Gosh, that was terrible. Thanks for fixing that and sticking up for me when idiot boys made fun of me for that. Look at us, ONE girls. That was such an awesome time in high school and I'm really glad that we got involved in that. 

Musical time! Gahh! You were such an amazing Millie; I'll never forget watching you tap dance all around stage. 

Oh boy. Roxy cookies! This was when we went to see Wicked, I believe, with choir. I always loved going up to NYC with you and how we always had to get one of these. One yummy tradition right there. We need to head back up to the Big Apple together, soon! 

Senior Year! I know that we were both soooo ready for high school to be over, but I'm glad that we had each other that year. I wouldn't have gotten through without you. PowderPuff was such an awesome time. We kicked butt that first game, of course with your amazing touchdown! So epic. 

ZOMBIES!  I will never ever be able to dance the Thriller dance, without thinking of learning this for sophomore year homecoming and then dressing up as zombies for Thrill the World for senior year. That was such a blast. I like how our class danced the Thriller dance at every single dance after that - including senior prom - all because of you, girlfriend! We will be leading that at our class reunion, for sure. And we will be arriving in jet packs and married to these men, of course.

Oh man! Florida. That was SUCH a fun trip despite the horrible neon t-shirts (I still have to beg my dad not to wear them in public.) I'm so glad that we got to room together and take on Disney World! (Sorry about pressuring you on Space Mountain. I'm glad that you liked it then.) 

Ahh. Musical. Even though that was such a hard year for us, I'm so glad that we could be there for each other. I'll never forget you surprising me that last night. I was just so happy you were there! (Also, that black sequined skirt that you wore was amazing.) Side note: I had to take some major red eye off of this picture. I think that was a sign -that time was turning us into Voldemort. :P 

COSTA RICA! Eeep! That was the best abroad experience that I have ever had (yes, even above the DR) because it was my first time out of the country and I got to spend the whole 9 days traveling with my best friend. Such an amazing end of senior year. Also, remember that pineapple? Delicious. 

This was our chip bag fundraiser for the school uniforms in the DR. We frickin' ruled that school. 

Food break during our prom dress shopping trip. Thank you so much for convincing me to buy that orange dress from Goodwill. I can't believe that I almost didn't buy it because I wanted a "new and expensive" dress. Now, I have a fashion blog about thrifting. Who would have thunk?

But, before we could party it up at prom - we had to die for White Out Day. Didn't they just say "Laura and Becky" on our announcements, no last name. That is because everyone knew who we were. We left an impression. :P 

Prom! Our dresses looked pretty awesome together.That was such a fun time, even if there was a huge drama over dates and tables. Oh gosh. 

Senior class trip! That was such a fun day - going to Six Flags and then the cruise around the New York harbor. Remember going on the Ferris Wheel a bunch of times with Audrey, trying to get that guy's number? And tying the drink in Audrey's hoodie, making her look like an amputee? Oh man, we laughed so much that day.

We are awesome. 

Singing the National Anthem with choir at the Senator's Game. We were so done with school by then, but I'm glad that we still had moments like that where we could take pictures together to look back on. 

And then, we graduated! We looked so fantastic! I think we were both ready to get away from that place and the people at it, except for each other of course! 

Summer before college - I just love this picture, because you are such an awesome creeper in it. 

Seeing Putnam County Spelling Bee at Juniata (not Juanita) was such a blast. We laughed, we cried, and had an amazing time hanging out together. 

Also, this is the most true picture that there could possibly be. I'm so getting my butt up there again this year. (I really don't want to see you, I just want you to buy me another crepe, actually. Hehe.) 

Christmas Break 2010. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your Christmas present from that year. I think that this may be my favorite picture of us ever. Also, this is pretty awesome. Let's watch AVPM over X-mas break again.  

Spring Awakening! That was the best birthday ever! I'm so glad that we had on stage seating - that guy was amazingly good looking. As are we. Smoking. 

In NYC again! I'm so glad that we got to go on that trip even though it was a.) raining. b.) with a bunch of people we never wanted to see again. We still got to go to Serendipity and have a blast. Of course, we got to sit at the seat where they sat in the movie. Where else would they put best friends? 

This past summer! Yay! I know that we didn't get to see each other as much as we would have liked, but I'm just glad that we got to see each other at all, with how crazy busy we both were. But, we had some great memories. Styling each other for our blogs (here and here), going to Sonic and then Dairy Queen because Sonic's ice cream machine was down, flirting with the DQ guy, sitting in the car in front of my apartment until it stopped pouring, and hanging out/ eating supper at your house. Those are the best things to do with your bestie, fo' shizzle. 

I wrote this to you in a message in 2009, when we were just trying to get through senior year: 
I love you, and you have been the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I honestly want to cry when I think about college. I know it is going to be freakin' amazing, but I'm just so worried that we will grow apart. And I just could could could NOT take that. At all. 

We just have to remember that we are strong women and we will we be bigger than this forsaken county. 

Guess what girl? 3 years later, I'm still saying the same thing: I love you and you are the best friend a girl could ask for. I don't want to cry anymore when I think about the future, because we are always going to be awesome friends, I just know it. College is pretty freakin' amazing, isn't it?  We still are strong and amazing women and guess what? We already are bigger than that forsaken county. 

Thanks for always being there, Becky. I'm so blessed that I can say that I have the same best friend for the past eight  years. (Gosh, we are getting old). I hope that you have a wonderful, radiant, marvelous, supermegafoxyawesome hot birthday because you completely deserve it! I love you so much! 



P.S. We are so $exy. 

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