Thursday, May 3, 2012

Museums and Interactions with the Future Generation

Hey everyone! Its almost the weekend - thank goodness. It is final's week here at college, and I'm so ready for it to be over. My first final is tomorrow at 8 am aka the worst time ever to take a test. I'm done on Monday, but I'm going to be on campus until Wednesday, so I'm excited just to relax. I can't believe that I'm halfway through my college career; it doesn't seem real to me yet. 

Also , I did want to tell you two funny encounters I had the other day, both of which involving little kids. 
1.) Sometimes I baby-sit my boss' daughter, who is about 8. She is such a great kid, really full of energy. While we at the playground the other day, she was telling me about this doll she had with her; it was a fashion doll, but it was supposed to be a monster. I have never seen anything like this before and I was torn whether it was creepy or cool (the verdict is still out on that). Her doll was a vampire and is able to hang upside, just like a bat would do. She had it hanging from the monkey bars and I said, "Don't let her hang upside down too long or all the blood will go to her head" - the same thing my mother would say to me when I would hang upside down when I was little. Anyway, my boss' daughter goes, "Laaauura, don't be silly. She doesn't have any blood; she drinks everyone else's blood!" 

By the way, these dolls are called Monster High and the vampire doll is called Draculaura! I about peed my pants when I saw that. I may or may not have a picture of Draculaura as my Facebook cover photo right now. And by that, I mean I definitely do. 

2.) I'm walking out of the cafe where I usually study and these two little boys are holding the doors. I thanked them and they said "Two dollars please or you cannot get through!" I told them, "I don't have two dollars." (A total lie, but hey, when you are in college two dollars can get you far). But, I looked in my bag and I offered them a mint or a little key chain flashlight. They wanted the flashlight, so I handed it to them and then continued back to my dorm. I got halfway down the stairs when I realized that the flashlight I gave them was from PCAR, which stands for Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. I had gotten it from the domestic abuse and sexual assault shelter that I volunteer at. 

I really hope they can't read yet. 

Hope you enjoyed the lovely pictures Miss Amy and I took at the campus museum! 

If anyone else is going through finals right now, keep your head up! 



Cami: Wal*Mart                                                                                      
Sweater: Hand-me-down from my sister - H&M          
Skirt: Thrifted                                                                                             
Tights: Wal*Mart                                                                                  
Necklace: Yard Sale - It has 1967, British half pennies on it! Best 50 cents spent ever.            
Belt: Thrifted                                                                                           
Shoes: Thrifted 
Bag: Thrifted -- if you can call it that - it was in a free section! 

Sweater: Gift
Shorts: Thrifted - Old Navy
Tights: Sears
Necklace - Gift from Laura! (Get your own here.) 
Headband: Forever 21
Shoes- Target


Dearest Lou said...

Lovely pictures! I can't believe they scheduled your final so early that sucks, I'm sorry. I know you'll do great though (:


Sara said...

Omg haha those little two boys! i love how you gave them a flashlight against rape! lol anyway both you and your friend look absolutely wonderful!

Immigrant said...

aww, that coin purse is adorable! and I LOVE your heels! :D

Marisa Noelle said...

Haha...oh my, I can only imagine as a parent if my son came back with a flashlight like that...haha. I would have to laugh and be totally confused.

Those dolls sound frightening indeed!

You girls both look beautiful! What a darling little coin purse:)

The White List said...

Your blog is amazing! You have fantastic style! Loving it!!! I'm now following you!!! :-)

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