Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wings to Save

Hey everyone, 

I have a special guest here today on the blog; one of my really good friends, Tighe (pronounced like "tie") is in a band called Wings to Save and I recently got to interview him about the process of starting and performing in a band. 

Me: Can you tell me a little about how Wings to Save got started and who is all in it?

Tighe: The group is really a melting pot of styles and backgrounds, we were all in different bands in the past.
Eventually, one way or another, we left and started looking for something.  Laurel, who is our bassist, and I 
had been looking for some new musicians for several long months with no success.Finally, we got in contact 
with Ben and it just snowballed from there. The pieces just kept falling into place.

I sing in the band. I came from a hardcore band, and I still love heavy music. However, I truly enjoy all genres and WTS has been a breath of fresh air. Laurel Balogh is down on the bass. She played in some bands in the past, as well, but has really flourished in the style that we have. Ben Buffington plays guitar and contributes in vocals. He originally had a solo project through high school that was pretty rad. The dude has a great story to tell. Matt Rauch also plays guitar. Matt....well, he is unique to say the least, but I love the kid. He came from am awesome band called Shotgun No Blitz. Finally, Sam Renner is holding it down on the drums. He is the guy with all of the touring experience in his old band Called Yesterday Is Waiting. He has really helped us progress. Unfortunately, he is just helping us temporarily due to upcoming schooling. 

Me: What are you guys working on right now? 

Tighe: Right now we are actually in the studio recording our debut EP. It is sounding amazing and we are so stoked to release it! Look for it this fall.

Me: What are you excited for as a band?

Tighe: Honestly, I think we are all just excited to hit the road and meet new friends. The bands that we get to play with are all awesome people. Its a big family. And we can't forget the fans. Seeing new faces in the crowd is great. And seeing people starting to pick up the lyrics and sing along means so much to us.

Me: Tell me about Cole's Song (which you can listen to here)

Tighe: Cole's Song was written about a friend of mine suffering from leukemia. It really hit home for me because Cole was the last person that you could imagine being in this situation. We really wanted to help out, so we figured that music is the best way to spread the word. So, all profits made from iTunes downloads, hardcopy purchases, or any other form of the song will all go to THON in Cole's name to support cancer research.

Me: What is the best part of being in a band?

Tighe: The best part about singing in the band is the chance to really interact with a crowd during a show. Its so much fun when a crowd sings with you. We can all share a mic!

Me: What advice would you give to those that want to start a band?

Tighe: My advice to anyone starting a band would be to take your time and write music that comes from the heart. Too many people just start releasing music that means nothing to them just because they can.

Me: Are you guys doing any shows soon?

Tighe: We have several local shows scheduled while we promote this new album. Once the album is released, we will be hitting the road for some awesome out of state tours, etc.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little interview. If you want to learn about Wings to Save, check out their Facebook page! Also, if you purchase Cole's Song on iTunes all the money will be donated to cancer research via THON, so definitely check that out. 

All pictures were taken at Wings to Save recent show by Shining Light Photography




Stevia said...

amazing pics! love the black and white tone
it creates such a mood!

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So beautiful! X

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Love these black and white pics- go band!

Midwest Muse said...

I need to listen!

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