Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Have and to Hold: Our Proposal

Hey everyone, 

I feel like I've been avoiding my blog lately - if that makes any sense. I just feel frustrated with myself that I haven't been able to make it this big vision I have of what a blog should be that is stuck in my brain. And then I decided, screw it, this is for me first and foremost and if I can only post every other month, that's how it is going to be. *cue sassy head shake here* But seriously, I'm working on being okay with that and just being as honest as I can be with myself first and whoever reads this second. 

So, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of all time: These are Kuchanda and my proposal photos! Eeeeeee!! 

We were in Philly for his family Thanksgiving and he asked his cousin (who is an AMAZING photographer) to take some "Christmas card pictures" for us. So, off we scuttled to Valley Forge to get some great shots.   Then, while we were in the courtyard of the old church building there, he gave me this locket which had 4 photos spots - the first has my grandparents' wedding photo from 1944, the second my parents' wedding photo from 1974, and then the third spot had a little paper saying, "Will you marry me?" with a fourth spot waiting for our wedding photo!  I, of course, said yes while bawling like a baby when he held out a beautiful 1940's ring. 

The dress that I am wearing is thrifted (duh) but more importantly, it was the dress I wore for the first time he and I met/our first date. We met on Tinder (crazy, right?) a couple of months before I graduated college, almost two years ago now. He's the best: caring, goofy, and just rolls with all my crazy ideas - like getting up at 6:00 to go to an estate sale or going to a glow in the dark monster themed mini golf place. He's been there for me during some really wonderful times in the past year and a half, but some really difficult times too. He's more than I could have ever asked for and I am so excited to be marrying him. <3




Thursday, October 22, 2015

Steeling my Heart

Hi there everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you my first outfit post officially living in Pittsburgh! It is so weird looking back at the pictures from a couple years ago when I was first in the city for a blogger meet up - where I made some amazing friends! Now, I live here - crazy! 

Kuchanda took these pictures for me the other week - this awesome abandoned crane was near a shop where he was getting his car checked out. It was so cool, but neither of us didn't have our cameras with so, he just took them with my new iPhone! I had a 4 before, so upgrading to a 6s was a big change! I will still take outfit photos with our DSLRs, but it is nice to have an option for spontaneous photo shoots! 

Anyway, Pittsburgh has been pretty great - I'm not getting out as much as I would like during the week, due to lack of transportation, but my sweets and I have been going out for ice cream, thrifting, and other fun things in the evening and during the weekend! 

So, I wore this outfit to a job interview! I didn't end up taking this job because it wasn't full time hours, but it was still a good interview, you know? Anyway, I'm starting a job in a couple weekends and I'm pretty excited about it - I'm not good at just sitting at home. Although, I have gotten through a lot of episodes of Bones! 

Anyway, I have to go and make a reservation at Mad Mex - Kuchanda and I are going to meet up with one of my friends and her boyfriend for a double date! I'm excited - I haven't seen her in about a year! 

Hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday night! 



Dress - Target - Thrifted ($5)
Cardigan - Vintage - Thrifted 
Tights - Gift 
Shoes - Gap - Yard Sale ($3) 
Bag - It was my grandmother's!! 
Necklace - It was my mother's - I stole it from her last time I was home. ;) 

Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm Coming Home to You

Hey everyone! How the heck are you? 
I know that I have been a little MIA lately - life has taken all sorts of crazy turns! I am officially done with my volunteer service year - it was certainly year of growth and new experiences ending with a bang spending a week in North Carolina at the confrence I was planning for 900 Older Adults! I was literally the youngest person there! They were a really fun group, that's for sure! 
So, you might wonder what I'm doing now. Well, I am living in Pittsburgh! I moved into the tiny studio that my honey was living in the last year! We are going to start looking for something a little bigger soon! Right now I am job searching and am excited to see what the future holds- lots of more outfit photos now that I have a live-in photographer, so stay tuned for that! Any good thrifting recommendations in the Pittsburgh area? 


Monday, August 31, 2015

Late Night Rambles about Vintage Household Items

I should be going to bed - I know that. But, instead I have words that are just pleading to come out of my heart and onto a screen. I’m sitting here in the darkened kitchen of my community house - this room won’t be used anymore this night. My soul longs to be here tonight however, ignoring my body’s call to snuggle under my blankets. The reason why is a result of a couple of simple items sitting in a plastic white dish drainer, letting the air eliminate any of the rinse water that is left on them. These items were purchased in the past couple of weeks from yard sales and estate sales; they were sitting in my room waiting to be dragged upstairs to the kitchen and be given new life. 

They are now sitting there clean after a couple hours of work, while I am tired, wearing an over-sized men’s T-shirt that still has a band of water across my stomach from leaning against the sink, leggings, and a polka dotted head scarf. Whoever thinks that thrifting is this glamorous, easy, Macklemore filled pastime, needs to get their head out of a Plato’s Closet. Thrifting, like any passion in life, is hard, sweaty, and frustrating at times. But dammit, that is why I love it. 

I don’t mind the dishwater hands because it means that the decorative 1960’s cutting board that proudly states “Food should be cooked with butter and love” is clean. The dust has been removed, very carefully as to not remove the 50 year old paint. I think about where this cutsey kitchen decoration came from - an estate sale where I literally had to stop myself from buying everything, because I’m pretty sure this little old lady and I are style soul sisters. One of the workers told me that they were moving because she had cancer. I think about her and her family’s hard time and sadness.

This snarky cutting board sits next to a metal cone sieve - something that I has been on my Thrift Hunt List for quite some time. I think about what they both stand for: they remind me of home - of growing up in Pennsylvania Dutch culture in Central PA. Of my childhood. Of my grandmother’s kitchen.The sieve reminds me of standing on a stool next to my mother, using the wooden turner to squish the hot apples placed inside and be amazed at the pink applesauce that was being oozed into a yellow Pyrex dish. However, the specific sieve of those memories is over 700 miles away in a cupboard in Pennsylvania. This sieve - my sieve - the one that I cringed at as I washed out the dead bugs that were chilling at the bottom, making sure that I scrubbed really hard to get clean, this one is just waiting for some new memories. 

The sieve and the three yellow Melmac mixing bowls took the most time to clean, so they provided plenty of time to think about life. As I scrubbed each plastic bowl, making sure to get every nook around the handle spotless and putting in more elbow grease to get the address label removed of its previous owner, I think about their upcoming adventure. After they dry, they will be packed away. A new address label cannot be stuck on because their new home has not been decided yet (also because those stickers are a bitch to get off). After a couple of weeks, they will be placed into a car and travel to a new land called Pittsburgh. They will be added along many similar plastic vintage dishware that has been collected over the years. Will they stand out because of the hour I spent cleaning them, making sure that they were as perfect as something with a past can be? Will they get used any more than the others because of that time put in to give them new life? I can’t answer that. However, I do know they will stand out for quite some time because of the hope that they gave me. I do not know the address of where they will land up. But, I can imagine it. Not what it looks like, but the feeling that it gives me. The feeling of home. I can imagine this feeling resulting in 12:00 a.m. brownie baking with the love of my life, where more batter ends up on the floor, our faces, and on the outside of these yellow plastic bowls than actually in a pan. I imagine the bowl with the chip around the rim, being sanded down, filled with pretzels to snack on, and then moved to the floor to prevent being knocked over by the intense game of Dutch Blitz going on with friends - new or old - that results in many screams, laughs, cussing, and maybe a few bitter neighbors. I imagine the smallest bowl being filled with leftovers and covered with aluminum foiled and given to my mom and dad to snack on as they make the four drive home with promises to get it back when I am back in my hometown in the coming weeks for some various family celebration. 

These things aren’t important because of what they are - do I need them? Not really. Could I live without them? Probably. But like many of the secondhand things that I discover and purchase, they are unique. They have a past that I don’t know too much about beside what I can imagine. They are not perfect and may show that they have been used for 30, 40, 50+ years. However, they have quality and durability that cannot be beat. They help me remember that my life will not always be perfect - in fact, having these things in my life will not make it more perfect in any way. It is how I use these items that counts: to create a life that is not perfect, but more sustainable, open to hospitality and fellowship, remembers the history of people and things that I encounter, and one that is full of stories of the past, to teach the present on how to make a better future.



Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hey everyone! 

How in the world is it August already? Sheesh! I spent a lot of July traveling - back to Pennsylvania for a quick trip and down to Florida for my church's Annual Conference - all in all it was a pretty good month!

Especially since I had this amazing dress to go along with it! Technically, this dress was a birthday gift from my sister back in April, but I needed a different size, so I didn't actually get a hold of it until I made my trip to PA. The dress has little Minnie Mouses on it - it is a part of Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line; I think that this the first "new" item of clothing that I got in a long time. It is a really great dress - super twirly, which is always tons of fun! Plus, I love cutouts for summer! 

I took these pictures before a pizza and ice cream night out with some housemates - that was super fun! Things are certainly changing around here - I only have about a month and a half left here in Illinois! Some of my housemates are already done with their year of service, so they are moving out and we will be getting some new people soon! Everything is changing and it is crazy! It feels like I just moved here! Now, I'm making plans to move out of my house, travel back to PA, move the stuff out of my parents house and trek 4 hours away to live in Pittsburgh! Life is happening, and even though it is scary, I'm really excited too! 

Do you all have any major changes going on in your life?

Dress: Gift from my sister: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls - apparently it isn't online anymore, but I bet it is still in stores. Also, eBay
Sandals: Hand Me Down from a co-worker: Originally from Target
Ring: Gift from the boyfriend: Hot Topic 
Earrings: Yard Sale or Thrifted - I can't remember!
Necklace: Used to be my mom's. 



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Copyright 1990

Answer me this: how in the world did it get to be July already?! It seemed like April was moving along at turtle speed and suddenly, it is July!  My time here in Illinois is coming closer to an end, which honestly is hard to believe. Only two months and some odd days before I start my next big adventure. (Just don't ask me what that is yet, I'm still working on it. #volunteerproblems.)

Honestly, except for this stupid illness I've been fighting for the past couple days, life has been pretty grand! I got to see my family in June, I got a new haircut (after these photos were taken), going on ice cream and thrifting adventures with housemates, and I even got to take a quick weekend trip to Pittsburgh to see my boyfriend! No complaints here. 

Even the weather is gorgeous - I'm not a fan of extreme weather so somewhere between 50-80 degrees is perfect for me. So, even those these pictures are from a bit ago - quite a bit actually, I would probably still be able to wear this in this cooler weather we are having. Also, because this sweater is THE BOMB. I grabbed this from a dollar basement at one of my favorite thrifts at home. A dollar! For all those sparkles! And the tag says that it is copyrighted in 1990. Yeah. Didn't know that was a thing, either, but I'll take it! I mean, did you see those sequins? 

Sweater - Thrifted ($1)
The brand of the sweater is called "Bonnie and Bill by Holly" You can find some more of their 90's tastic sweaters on Etsy. 
Jeans - Gap - Thrifted ($3)
Shoes - Target - Thrifted ($5.99)
Gold half hoops - Thrifted ($.50)
Lipstick - Urban Decay 'Catfight'



Monday, April 27, 2015

Castle Exploration

Hi there everyone!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful evening!

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when my wonderful friend Katie was visiting. Katie and I met about two years ago when we roomed together at a blogger meet-up in Pittsburgh! We had a grand old time getting lost in the city and talking about our favorite blogs.

Now, we don't live far apart at all, which is very exciting! So, she came to visit and stay at my house one weekend. We just talked, did some thrifting, watched movies, and ate lots of donuts. 

We also planned to do a photo shoot and I had the perfect place in mind! I discovered on my town's Instagram that there was a random castle along the river! A castle. So, of course that needed to happen.

It was quite a fun adventure exploring the random castle area. There was a moat and everything - which was super scary, especially since Katie was wearing heels. (I definitely went into my "mother" mode during that one.) But, it was a gorgeous day and a wonderful spot, and no one fell in the moat so all was well. 

I can't wait until Katie and I get together again soon - she and I always have a blast! 

You should definitely head on over to Katie's blog and check out what she was wearing that lovely day! 

I love this outfit too - this is a pretty typical work outfit, but one that makes me feel really awesome. This vintage skirt is just so perfect - if I could I would want this shape of skirt in a bunch of different patterns. I wasn't a huge fan when I bought it, but I think I'm becoming an old lady because I'm liking longer lengths more and more. 

Well, anyway, I best get to bed - work tomorrow and all that. 

Good night lovelies! 

Vintage sweater - Gift from a friend's grandmother 
Vintage skirt, Target booties, Pennsylvania dutch necklace, and tights- Thrifted 
Purse - Thrifted ($2.00)
Belt - from another thrifted dress