Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chilly Nights, Summer Memories

Hey everyone! Eights days in and it is still blowing my mind that it is 2015; when did that happen? 

I hope that everyone had blessed and memorable holidays! I got to travel home to Pennsylvania for two weeks and it was heaven. I got to see my family, the boyfriend, and a lot of friends that I haven't seen since summer - which is when these pictures were taken! Gosh, I can't even fathom not wearing something on my legs right now; we had -30 wind-chills this morning. It is so cold, I don't even want to talk about it.
I didn't really take a lot of pictures when I was on my blogging break and I'm looking at these and thinking "what the heck was wrong with you, 2014 Laura? Were you too busy adjusting to post-graduation life, falling in love, working, and preparing to move out of state to take pictures of your outfits?" The answer is yes, yes I was. 

But, I found these pictures buried on my memory card and all these memories came back to me. These pictures were taken on a photo shoot adventure with my bestie Maggie; we had such a blast: there are many outtakes of me coughing, giggling at something Maggie said, and my "oh crap, you caught me getting my picture taken" awkward face that happened when a bunch of youths walked by.  I have some shots of her too, that I will definitely need to post soon. 

Now, she's engaged and living in Alabama! I'm still learning how drastically life can change when you aren't confined in the structure and schedule of college life, something that is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Anyway, I got to see Miss Maggie over the holidays; we just got to go a coffee shop and talked about our families, different books, jobs, our fellas, and of course, her wedding plans. I can't wait until we are both back in Pennsylvania again (around September) and are able to accomplish some really awesome wedding plans for her special day! I might not even have to wear two pairs of sweater tights...fingers crossed!

Dress and Shoes - Thrifted 
Earrings and PA Dutch necklace - Yard sale
Belt - From another dress
Lipstick - Wet n' Wild Cherry Picking 


Monday, December 8, 2014

I Needed a Break...

And it certainly has been quite a break. 

I don't know if this is a normal post-college thing or just because of all the various things going on in my life, but I feel like I have changed a lot since May.

When I first started blogging and saw other bloggers that would take breaks, I ignorantly thought, "I'll never need to do that! Blogging is great!"

And blogging is great. I missed it a lot.

But, with everything that was going on in my life, there was some extra stress that blogging added. I felt a lot of pressure to keep up on tons and tons of blogs. So much so that I couldn't keep up with blogging and reading other blogs.

Besides all the changes going on in my life, that I'm going to mention below, then my five year old computer that I've had since high school, finally bit the dust and I took that as a sign to really think about a blogging break:

And I came to a main, almost hidden reason that I felt like I needed a break was that I couldn't ignore the feeling that my blogging "voice" was kind Or, honestly, maybe I never really found it in the first place? That my voice was always different somehow. That I never really showed my true self. That there was "blogging Laura" who just talked about thrifty clothes and then there was "real life Laura" who cares about and does a lot of different things besides just clothes. Don't get me wrong, thrifting and fashion is a big part of my life, but it isn't the only part of my life. And I felt sometimes that people who knew about my blog would think that "blogging Laura" was how "real life Laura" was too: someone who just cared about the used clothes that she wore and not much else.

And it all comes back to the great blogging dilemma: how do you feel like yourself on your blog, without over sharing? I felt like I shared very very surface level things, so not to hit that over sharing point. But, then I also felt that my blog lost some spark, if you will. I never got to show some of my other passions; things like my connection to my church denomination, my feminist beliefs, and social justice concerns that have stemmed from my social work studies. 

So, in an attempt to get back into blogging in a way that I can feel more like me, here are a couple of major life changes that happened since May:

I moved to Illinois!  I'm not too far from Chicago, currently. I'm working at my church's denominational offices for the next nine months now, helping to plan one of our major conference and getting to help with various other projects. I'm doing all of this through a volunteer program in my church called Brethren Volunteer Service or BVS. I moved to Illinois after a three week orientation in Maryland. 

BVS was started in the 1940's during as an alternative option for conscientious objectors - those who did not believe in going to war.
My denomination is relatively small and that it makes it easy to get involved at the denominational level, especially when I grew up in an active church and went to a historical Brethren college. Being Brethren has drastically impacted my life in many ways and being in BVS is an extension of that. I'm sure I will share more about being active in the Church of the Brethren and currently being in BVS.

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you might have picked up on this, but I'm in a relationship now! His name is Kuchanda; we met in April and have been dating since June. How we met is its own story and post, but my summer was filled with Skee-Ball adventures, ice cream runs, and movie dates.
We are currently doing the long-distance thing, which sucks - much more than we both could have imagined, (that is also another potential post) but it is absolutely 100% worth it. He is probably the sweetest, most supportive and caring person that I have ever met. Even from 506 miles away, he makes me crack up laughing or blush by saying something super adorable and cutesy. In the past seven months or so, he has become my best friend and my biggest support! 

And trust me, I'm holding back a lot. My friends have dubbed us that disgustingly cute couple - you know the kind that make you go "awwww"  and want to throw up simultaneously? Yeah, that is pretty much how we are. 
I don't want to over gush and be that girl, but you'll be seeing/hearing about him a little more around here, for sure!

So, those are the two major things going on in my life.

And of course, I have still been thrifting up a storm! 

Not EVERYTHING has changed. 

It's good to be back! 



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Roommate Withdrawl

Okay people, there is a good 87% chance that I am going to cry sometime while writing this post. Why you may ask? 

Because this Amy and my last roommate post EVER. These pictures were the result of our final photoshoot up at school before graduation. 

Amy and I were roommates for two years in the dorms and then this past year we lived in our lovely house off-campus. The day she moved out, I was a great heap of emotions. This was the last time we would probably live together. Three years sounds like awhile, but it definitely went by in a blink of an eye. 

Who is going to tell me I have a Pyrex problem? (Really everyone should, but she voices it.)
Who will listen to my boy woes? 
Who will laugh uncontrollably with me after drinking a glass (or two) of wine? 
Who is going to wake me up at 5 a.m. during Mountain Day? 
Who is going to be my swuggle buddy?! (I could explain, but I'll just leave you guessing.)

 See somewhere in those three years, we went from roommates to best friends. 

AJ, I love you so much and words cannot describe how much I appreciate and enjoy your presence in my life. 

Thanks for always putting up with my crazy. 


Swimsuit Top: Peebles
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Bass
Sunglasses: Wal*Mart
Rings: Antique markets 

Top - Thrifted (.25)
Shorts + Shoes - Thrifted 
Bracelets - Consignment Shop ($5) 
Necklace - Gift from Amy 
Lipstick - Urban Decay's 69 



Friday, May 30, 2014

New Things, Old Pictures

DUDE. Hey there! How's it going? 

Look! I'm back and wearing an outfit. Not that I don't wear clothes when I don't get to take pictures of them. I do - I swear. Promise! Okay, sometimes I don't wear pants in my room, but in public clothes are an always thing.

Now, that I got that cleared up, I have another confession to make. This is my Easter outfit. I know, I know, Easter was over a month away. But, look how pretty it is! I love this dress and don't even get me started on these amazing heels that a friend gave me - because they are gorgeous and I could talk about them forever and ever, amen. 

But, since no one wants to hear me gush about shoes for awhile - I mean if you do, Tweet me or something and we can talk shoes. Anyway, I guess I should update y'all about my life. 

As you may or may not have saw from my last post, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's of Social Work. Thanks to everyone who gave their congratulations! It is such a surreal time - I don't think it has fully hit m yet that I won't be going to back to a place that I consider a home, so I'm sure an emotional day or will be coming, but I'm trying to stay positive. 

I'm also in the process of (yet again) moving back to my lovely summer house. This year I have three amazing housemates - two human and one canine, so it already has been an amazing couple of days. 

I start work/internship on Monday at a local food pantry! Plus, I'm excited to have a couple of projects and ideas in mind and to most definitely get back into blogging. Summer is the time when my blogging passion comes alive, so i should definitely be around more. 

Okay, I'm off to get some shut eye because tomorrow is Saturday and that means on thing: YARD SALES. It is that time again! Life is good, right now. 

Dress: Vintage: Thrifted 
Headband: Thrifted 
Shoes: Emilio Pucci: Gift/Hand-me-down gorgeousness from an amazing friend
Lipstick: Wet n' Wild - Cherry Picking 



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Changed

I haven't been around for awhile, clearly, and here is why! 


This last month has been a crazy ride, that's for sure. My internship ended, I finished my final papers, and had a full seven days of Senior Week activities. I also wrote my final post for our admission blog, which conveys a lot of my emotions. 

I wrote: " In high school, I just wanted to blend in. Despite my love for vintage clothes, I wore jeans and Hollister tees to fit in;  I didn’t want to cause a stir. I also didn’t stand up for myself, which resulted in me getting emotionally hurt. Juniata, however, changed all that. I found amazing friends who didn’t care what I wore – in fact, liked the unique clothes I started to collect. I took classes and talked with professors who gave my thoughts validity. Without realizing it, I became a much stronger person; someone who could say what she believed, wear the clothes she loved, and have a goal of helping women and girls in harmful relationships. Juniata and this community made all of those things possible." 

Now. My room is empty, my car is packed, and tomorrow I head home. There have been so many goodbye: my friends, housemates, and professors: so many people that I care about. The future is still unsure, which can make it harder to say goodbye. 

I know that not everyone has had a positive college experience, but I have loved my time at Juniata more than I can say - I love my now alma mater (how weird is that?) and wouldn't change bit of my time here for the world. I'm such a different person because of my college experience - I wouldn't have started Thrifting Through Life, that's for sure. 

Things are going to be a getting back to normal around here pretty soon after a quick trip to Virginia for a weekend conference, but I just wanted to pop in and explain the silence.


I know there are a couple of other grads out there in the blogging world, so congrats to all of you as well! 

Oh. Also, because this my favorite picture of my family ever. 



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: April 7-15

I'm posting this a little late, but I had a 10-12 page paper due today - my longest one of the semester. But it is done and turned in now - thank goodness. 

So, here has been my past week plus a couple of days! 

April 7: I finally finally FINALLY found a jean jacket that I absolutely love! I have been wearing it pretty much non-stop. 

April 8: Social Work Advocacy Day at the State Capital.

April 9: I have been reading this book lately and it is so good. 

April 10: One of my favorite necklaces. It used to be my Mom's, buuutttt, I kind of stole it. 

April 11: Empty Bowls night! One of my favorite fundraisers on campus. People make ceramic bowls all year and then local restaurants donate soup. you get to pick a bowl, eat some yummy soup, and then the proceeds go to the local food pantry. 

April 12: MY BIRTHDAY! It was our Relay For Life (as you saw here), so yes, I wore a tutu for most of the day. 

April 13: It is PB egg season again. Yum. 

April 14: New shoes. 

April 15: Finally found my Pittsburgh postcard that I have been looking for. Makes miss this trip and all the lovely ladies that I met. 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Don't Know About You...

But I'm feeling 22!  (that song was - and still is- on repeat today!)

That's right people - today was my birthday! 

And it was such a great and wonderful day - the weather was gorgeous and I got to be outside for my campus' Relay for Life - Disney themed at that!

I was a little mopey earlier in the week about the fact that everyone was going to be busy on my birthday, but honestly I wouldn't have changed this day; it was a magical! I got to hang out with all my friends outside and help with their thrifting stand - what more could you ask for?

Also, today I wore a tutu and fairy wings, sang Disney songs at the top of my lungs, and got really excited about watching Frozen on the quad. That's what all 22 year-olds do, right?

Oh in case anyone is curious, my shorts were thrifted, my top was my momma's from back in the day, and my headband was stolen from a friend.