Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well, here goes nothing.

Hey all! I’m Laura and welcome to ‘Thrifting Through Life.’ My blog is something that I decided to do for one of my New Year’s resolutions. I decided that it would be something just for me, to take a little break from all the other school related things I have going on. I will mostly post about thrifting fashion, but I will also talk about other thrifting purchases, my life as a college student, and whatever lovely (or crazy) ideas are floating around in my head. I have been thrifting for a LONG time, for about most of my life. (I’m going to post more about my thrifting history soon). I love vintage clothing especially, but I also devour fashion magazines to admire the designer clothing. My roommate, Amy, and I started an Etsy shop, Beloved Abundance, out of our dorm room, which you can check out HERE and the blog for our shop HERE
I’m a social work student at a small liberal arts college in Central PA, which I love. I am also learning Spanish and sign language, both which are interesting and fun languages to learn! I have a very loving, close-knit family and I’m a sure I will mention our crazy antics at some point or another. I adore movies, music, and Pintrest (You can follow me HERE!)
I am so excited to show everyone a little glimpse into my life and my passion for thrifting.
Xoxo, Laura 


Vivi K said...

I'm excited to see what life brings you!
Follow eachother? :)

Much love, Vivi

Unknown said...

Of course! :)

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