Monday, August 20, 2012

Melmac Monday: Home is Where the Heart Is

Hey everyone! Hope that you all had a wonderful and happy weekend! 

I moved into my dorm this past weekend and started working in the office again - I'm a student associate in the Enrollment Center. I'm settling in and decorating my half of the lovely and homey attic roommate that Amy and I will share when she moves in on Wednesday. I am actually glad to be back in the swing of things, even thought I wasn't really looking forward to coming back to school. I'll explain why in a second. 

Anyway, these top pictures (with the red background) are some of the pictures that I managed to save after last Monday's escapade. The bottom pictures are ones that I took today, that are a little better. (I can't wait to get my hands on that DSLR, though). I was going to go back to where I took the top pictures, which was a Dumpster near my house for the summer, but I never got a chance with all the hustle and bustle of moving. So, I just took some near the library after I got off of work. 

 The color of these cups are definitely closer to these library pictures, but I wanted to share both sets of pictures mostly because I have been thinking a lot about the concept of "home" lately. 

See, the reason that I wasn't really excited to go back to school was that working at my church and living in town with my housemate and her adorable dog felt like home. I guess I was just worried that because that felt so much like home, that school wouldn't really feel like home anymore. I would always say to perspectives that I picked Juniata because as soon as I stepped on campus I instantly felt at home, and I didn't want that to feel like a lie this year. 

And that isn't to say that my parents house still isn't home, because it is. It will always be my home, my first home. It is home, but not really my house anymore, if that makes sense, because I haven't and don't really plan on living there for a long period of time anymore.  A lot of people asked if that made me sad, that I wouldn't live with my parents anymore. And honestly, it does a little bit, but just because that means that I have to been an adult in the real world and that is coming soon rather than later. However, I'm also really excited because my "future" is coming, what I have been working so hard to do and be.  It is still a little bit of a new idea for women to be working and living on their own from my area; it just doesn't happen very often.

 So, I felt all confused. Three homes? Church, school, and my parent's house? I felt  like that I couldn't possibly have more than one home, but I realize now that was a pretty stupid thought. Home is a place where there is love overflowing (yes that is from the Wiz. I have been listening to the music from the Glee episode called "Home." check it out herehere, and here - I'm also pretty sure I used that as a title for this blog post). So, if that is the case, I'm just so lucky and blessed that I have 3 places right now that I can call home, because there is just so much love there. 




Marisa Noelle said...

You're so right here Laura! Home is always where the heart is which may not be in one single place but many. Sounds like you have much to look forward to as you begin your year back at school. Very best wishes darling! And oh - that pink melmac is amongst the prettiest ever! xo Marisa

Unknown said...

awesome photography!!!

Jen Umm said...

this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

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