Monday, December 3, 2012

Melmac Monday: Shake Shake Shake

Hey everyone, hope that you had a wonderful and fabulous weekend. 

A lot of people asked me to put pictures up of Amy and my thrifted formal duds from my last post and I can assure you those pictures are going to be up within the next day or two. They got so well and I can't wait to share them with everyone.

I know that I talked a little bit about salt and pepper shakers awhile back , but I got some major swoonage when I saw some Melmac sets pop up on Etsy. I know what my new mission is to find for my ever-growing Melmac collection. 

Plus, salt and peppers shakers always have had an importance in my family. Like I talked about in the previous post, my grandpa collected them for a long time. He had over 4,000 sets! The two that I have in that collection are very special to me. Also, I can't see interesting, unique, or vintage salt and pepper shakers without thinking of my grandpa. And while I don't think I want 4,000 sets, I do think I need to keep my eyes peeled for some of my own! 

Vintage 50s 60s Pink 'Melmac' Style 21 Piece Plastic Dishes / Pink Dishes Pink Cup and Saucer / Pink Cream and Sugar / Pink Salt and Pepper

Vintage White Melmac Salt and Pepper Shakers: Retro Melamine Salt and Pepper Set for Your Vintage Kitchen, Mid Century Modern Design

Melmac SALT and PEPPER Shakers

Vintage Boonton Ware Melmac Aqua Turquoise Salt and Pepper Shakers

lime green melmac plates, cups, salt & pepper shakers

Have a great Monday! 




Katie Aman said...

Oh, so cute! I don't have a set of salt and pepper shakers yet...I love these-I would use all of them!

Amy said...

all adorable, love the white dome looking ones!

Unknown said...

It's great to know that your an Etsy buyer too! I bought some of my vitage baubles there. By the way, I hope you don't mind I tagged you on Leibster Blog Award.
If you have time, check my latest post about Liebster Award.

Ragan said...

i just found your blog and can i say, i LOVE it! i am always down for a good thrifting bargain, you are very inspiring!

Nameless Fashion Blog said...

Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

Jamie Kate said...

These are cute! :)

Let's follow each other? Let me know!;)

Jamie Kate

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