Monday, July 2, 2012

Melmac Monday: Mix-Matched

Happy Monday all! 

Today I'm sharing some mix-matched Melmac that I got up at a thrift store up at school. I liked the colors of the plates together, but there was only one cup. There wasn't a price tag on them, so I sort of nervously asked the owner what the price was, because that store was sort of price-y. She looked at the plates and said $2. And I'll even through the cup in." I was SO excited because this Melmac is really nice and durable, so 8 pieces for two bucks was fantastic. 

Today was just a fantastic day. My friend, Allison, came over for supper and a quick trip to the ice cream parlor. 

And then I pulled out a book that I got recently called "How to Speak Dutch-ified English" and we just laughed and giggled over the words and accents that we grew up around. I don't know if I ever talked about this before, but my mom's family is very PA Dutch and I we use a lot of words that are different. My grandma has a very strong accent and my mom's is fairly strong too. Even though sometimes I get so frustrated with the conservative area that I grew up in, I really do like my PA Dutch heritage. I really want to share some of those words, food, and customs of my family and the PA Dutch culture. I'll keep you posted. (Literally). =P




Dearest Lou said...

Oh my gosh so dang cute (;

Michaella said...

Great stuff you bought! I love the bright colors and how they go with each other! I love your blog, it is so interesting and awesome!
You now have a new follower, hope you follow back xx

Marisa Noelle said...

I don't have any PA Dutch in my family, but I grew up around plenty of people who spoke in this way - definitely very interesting:)

I love this unusual group of melmac colors. They go so well together - and only $2 - such a sweet deal. Enjoy your 4th:) xx Marisa

Nav said...

love the collection!

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