Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parties Rock in the Unity House Tonight!

Hey everyone! I finally found time to edit and post the party pictures! I had such a great time at my party and I was so pleased that a lot of my friends were able to come. My gal pal, Alexa, helped me to make cake pops. It was a new experience for me and we had a blast! I think they turned out really well and I can't wait to make some more this summer! 

Here is the after shot with all my cards! I love birthday cards, so I was really appreciative of them. Also, my parents sent me a care package with some snacks, little note cards, amazing metallic pens, socks, Despicable Me, and a gift card to one of my favorite thrift stores from home - that will definitely come in handy! 

I was really nervous about the party because I had gotten sick Friday morning and was rushing around at the last minute to get stuff together. Which is why I end up painting my nails about 10 minutes before people were set to arrive. The party was at the Unity House at my school, which is where a lot of the religious and diversity leaders offices are. They are really great about letting students have parties there. 

I asked people to wear things that were either sparkly/ sequin-y if they had it and to keep it classy! I found my dress over Easter and I really like it! 

Dress - Thrifted (It was half off for $4) 
Belt - Thrifted 
Tights- Payless 
Shoes - Thrifted 
This lovely gal is
my friend Nikki; she made my birthday cake and she did such a fantastic job. In fact, I was type this, my roommate and I are chowing down on the top tier that she made for my own little personal cake. My mom also bought sparkling grape juice for me, since the theme was sparkle! 

My fellow social work students/friends! :) 

Isn't the cake just so cute!?

I only attempted one jumping picture because of the heels. I felt like enjoying my party instead of heading to the ER. :) 

I had such a good time and so glad that a lot of people could come! I might still show some of the photo booth photos at some point.

Thanks to everyone who left me birthday wishes on my last post! I appreciate it so much! 

Laura <3 


Seeking Style said...

Those look yummy! And you gals look so cute.. happy (belated) birthday!

xo Jennifer

Sara Stoff said...

I love everything about this party! Looks like you had such a great time!


Immigrant said...

aww, that chocolate ball thingy looks really good! perhaps you can share the recipe someday? :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

oh yikes def stay away from jumping in heels!! glad you enjoyed your bday, looks like everyone gave u such a wonderful celebration! great dress & tights too : )

Laura said...

Happy birthday! I turned 20 on April 10th haha

Looks like the best party! <3

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

aww looks like such a wonderful celebration! and haha... looks like i said the same thing a year ago!

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