Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey everyone! Thanks for your support in regards to my last post. It is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but I know it will all work out somehow. 

I thought I would share some awesome/weird things going on right now:

Awesome:  Amy just found these pictures on her camera from a photo shoot that we did from over the summer. 

Weird: I was so exhausted today that I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. I NEVER take naps.

Awesome: I got a letter from my cousin today that mentioned Gilmore Girls, the Blue's Clues Mail Song (woah. I didn't watch that whole video until after I linked it. That is just AWESOME.), Pinterest, and Darren Criss just on the back of the envelope. As soon as my SD card reader starts working, I will share pictures. 

Weird: I'm an upperclassmen. I feel old. 

Awesome: I texted my cousin that sometimes I'm just really awkward and she texted back "It is a family trait, believe me." Best. Response. EVER. 

Weird: After I woke up from my two hour, my roommate said that she was off for a movie date with her boyfriend. I thought, "Oh, I would like to have a manfriend to go to movies with" And then, I realized that I wouldn't have time for that, even if I wanted to. It wasn't sort of a "woe-is-me" thing, just realizing the truth. 

Shirt: It was my mom's 
Sweater: Thrifted: originally Target
Jeans: Thrifted: originally Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Payless (old) 
Necklace: Thrifted 
Bag: It was in my grandma's house, so while they were cleaning after the flood, my mom my put my Melmac in it, so I used it for the office this past summer - I really like it! It is nice for thrifting and farmer's market shopping, too! 

Awesome: I kind of want this car that we found on our walk this past summer. 

Weird: I don't know if I was trying to be a ninja here, or what. 




Amy said...

Love the shirt. Makes it even better that it's your moms.


cute blog!


♥ Ellen

Unknown said...

I love the blue and white polka dots!
xo Natasha

Nav said...

cute blouse!

Little Tree Vintage said...

that car is adorable!

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