Thursday, August 2, 2012

Style Icon: Kimbra

Hey everyone! I'm so exhausted today after running Day Camp, so I thought that I would start a new segment that I can share every once in a while of the lovely ladies that I look up to as style icons. 

The first one that came to my mind is definitely Miss Kimbra. You may know her from this song, but her new album, Vows is absolutely amazing and if you haven't heard any of the song off the album yet, you should Youtube it, like, right now. 

I'm going to be seeing her in October in NYC and I'm pretty stoked.

But, I don't just love her music, her style is absolutely fantastic. Enjoy these photos - the pictures are links to the original sources. 

Have a great day everyone!




Dearest Lou said...

She is so pretty great choice (;

Jelena Dimić said...

Wow, Kimbra is excellent! *.*
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
Have a nice day! Hugs and kisses! :*

francescafocarini said...

She's very stylish!

Kim said...

I've fallen in love with her music, but I never noticed just how stunning she is! I may have a new obsession..

Raj said...

She's such a talent, so beautiful and I love her style
How lucky are you that you get to see her!

Melly said...

She is really pretty

Pauline said...

Wow she's gorgeous <3

Love your blog; I'm your new follower.

Lots of love: Pauline

Maria said...

Oh, she's amazing! I love the first picture of her <3
xx Maria

just me said...

she is amazing!!! beautiful photos.

Sienna Rose said...

Kimbra is so cool! I wish I had the patience to give myself those soft vintagey waves everyday.

Pamela Burke said...

Totally love Kimbra too! Shes gorgeous, different, and a huge inspiration! One of my faves!

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