Friday, August 10, 2012

Walden and Kelly Ruth

Hey everyone! I have a special treat for you today. 

I was contacted a little bit ago from one of my friend's sisters asking if I would do a little post about her and a friend as they are about to go on a mini-tour. Of course, I said yes! Their music is pretty fantastic, so read on to learn more about Walden and Kelly Ruth. 

Q: Tell me about yourself and your music. Is it at all vintage-inspired?
A: I am a Nashville based singer/songwriter. I fall into the folk/indie/pop genre. Multiple newspapers have actually told me that my music has a vintage quality to it. I like hearing that and it makes sense, because I grew up listening to things older than myself. Every visit with my grandpa included over 3 hours of just sitting in his living room with him and my dad as they played old recordings for me. They were mostly jazz trumpet or show tunes, so I think it seeped into my melody-writing psyche.

I am about to go on tour with another Nashville musician/producer, Ethan Samuel Brown. He performs under the moniker Walden. He’s more indie/folk/rock. I love his songs, his voice and that he looks slightly like young Elvis. His album will be out January 28th, 2013 and he’s going to produce my new album that will be out next year sometime. We are touring as a duo in support of Raise Up Roof Beams’ newest release Poison Arrows. I am also in that band.

Q: What got you into thrift-ing/vintage inspired things?
A:  My roommate. She’s really creative and crafty with such things. Also, I think moving to Nashville. Everyone’s style is so unique that it is inspiring. I never understood the fascination with thrift-ing, but now I sort of get it. It’s just another creative outlet for people. I’ve always been into the 1920-60’s things whether it is music, movies or clothing. My grandpa was good to me. He hooked me as a youngin on things from “the good ole days”.

Q: What’s your favorite thrift/vintage store you’ve found in Nashville?
A: Southern Thrift in East Nashville. It’s right across the street from a really cheap Mexican spot, so I find myself there more often then not. I also love Goodbuy Girls; it’s a locally owned vintage shop. I’ve bought a few of my summer staples there.

Q: What’s your favorite thrift/vintage store you’ve found while touring?
A: Clothes Optional on North Clark Street in Chicago, IL hands down! My bandmates and I stumbled upon it and spent hours trying on vintage dresses and hats and taking funny pictures in them. I swear we almost got kicked out. To this day I still regret not buying this Trini the Yellow Power Rangers tee.

I also love The Bazaar in Roanoke VA. They have a neat collection of records and t-shirts. They also host local shows there. It gives off a good community vibe.

Oh and one more, Retrospect in Philadelphia. It has lovely shoes and dresses. I always feel like I am in a Grace Kelly movie when shopping there.

Q: What do you find yourself buying at thrift/vintage stores?
A: Jelly shoes; I am a little kid at heart and hate wearing socks. Dresses, because I like to feel feminine and cool (as in temperature) and vintage dresses aren’t usually overly revealing like some of the newer styles. And I always find myself looking at record players and records, even though my collection kinda sucks…it’s consists of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Chicago.

Q: Cool, where are you touring this time?
A:         Bristol, VA – Bristol Grindhouse // Aug 14
Lynchburg, VA – Rivermont Pizza // Aug 15
Washington DC - DC9 // Aug 16
Baltimore, MD - JoeSquared // Aug 17
Harrisburg, PA - Midtown Scholar // Aug 18
Elizabethtown, PA - House Show // Aug 19
Brooklyn, NYC - Spike Hill // Aug 21
Philadelphia, PA – The Station // Aug 25
Columbus OH – The Hey Hey // Aug 27
Cincinnati OH – House Show// Aug 31
Louisville KY - Haymarket Whiskey Bar // Aug 29
Lexington KY - Natasha's Bistro & Bar // September 1

Q: Anything else?
A: Yeah, you’re rad and more people should follow your blog. I love it.

Links for Kelly Ruth:                                                              Links for Walden:
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Also, check out Kelly Ruth's song 'Blue-Eyed Lover' here or the music video here.

If you click here, you can hear Walden's 'All We Really Are.'

If anyone is going to be near one of their tour stops, you should definitely check them out!




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