Monday, October 8, 2012

Melmac Monday: Ad It Up!

Happy Monday gals!

Hope that you had a fabulous weekend, full of leaves, pumpkin desserts, and thrifting. Sounds like a pretty fabulous fall weekend, huh? Throw in some studying and you got my weekend, actually. :) 

 A little different Melmac Monday today - I thought I would share with you some of the really adorable vintage Melmac advertisements with you. I probably  definitely need to get my hands on some of these and frame them. 

Of course, my cousin will then have more cause for alarm with my Melmac obsession - she has already scolded my mother for encouraging my behavior by buying me this set  and has taken to calling me "Mac" along with the many other nicknames she has for me (including, but not limited to: Lula, Crack Baby #2, and Rory) 

Anyways, enjoy these adorable ads! The picture links back to the original sources. 

1962 Texas Ware Melmac Ad

Pinned Image

Have a great Monday everyone! 




I Love To Op Shop said...

very cool :-)

Sarah with a Bow said...

Those would totally make awesome artwork for a wall or something. (: Now I may have the beginnings of an idea for when I move.

Dearest Lou said...

Love these ads! I was going through my grandpas storage the other day and found all of these neat vintage ads my grandmother saved. I wish advertising was the same even though it was really cheesy back then ;P

Dearest Lou

Unknown said...

cool! love it!

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