Monday, July 30, 2012

Melmac Monday: The Blues

Hey all! Happy Melmac Monday!

I want to thank everyone for the best wishes on my sermon this past Sunday! It went really well, a little short, but I got a lot of positive comments. I'll post the link soon, if you want to hear a listen! 

Lately on Etsy, there has been a lot of robin's egg/Tiffany's/turquoise blue, which I REALLY like, so I thought that I would share those today. 

tiffany's blue.

turquoise - take two.

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Hope that you enjoyed the blue Melmac! 

Have a great day everyone!



Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

Such a pretty color! I think robin's egg blue is my new favorite color. I just found your blog today, I'm excited to follow you, since I love thrifting too! :)

Sara said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Marisa Noelle said...

These look just like my grandmother's set - both the cream and sugar set and the set with the plates, bowls, and cups. So perfect - I wish I would have snagged it out of her house.

So happy your sermon went well Laura :) xx Marisa

Unknown said...

Wow amazing some of them are a real design inspiration. Absolutely love this set.

Unknown said...

That colour is stunning! Love it!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! Following you!

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