Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Edits on a Friday Afternoon

Hey all! This week has just been crazy busy with orientation and starting the internship. I am loving it so much, so far. 
Hopefully next week, I can get more back on track with blogging though. 

So, this lovely Friday I shall share with you some of the photo edits that I have done using the online Pixlr program. It is really fun and easy, plus it really helps me to just relax and take my mind off things that are stressing me out. 


1. Yummy cake pops from my 20th birthday party (original post here)

2. This picture I took when I was in the Dominican Republic when we hiking in these caves.

3. My wonderful college campus.

4. I went to NYC with some friends last year for Spring Break. We were walking down the road I look to my left and just freak out! I wish I had a donut and some coffee.

4.  Elena and I getting our tan on during the end of the semester.

5. Nutella hot chocolate at the most amazing creperie in Lancaster ever.

6.  And friend took this picture for me after we had gone thrifting; it is kind of weird to think about because this was before I started my blog.

7. My family's vacation to The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Best. Thing. EVER.

8. The outfit I wore to go see the Hunger Games (original post here)

9. The photo shoot from last summer at my friend's farm. (original post here)

10. My obsession aka Melmac (original post here)

11. My dear friend Molly and I at Lobsterfest this past fall.

12. My freshman dorm room.

13. One of my favorite pairs of heels (original post here)

14. A picture one of my guy friends took of me when we are a playground almost two years ago.

15. My lovely sister-in-law and niece, along with my dashing nephew at my brother's wedding last May. (Read more about that here!)



P.S. I have been listening to this song nonstop lately; check it out! 


Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh I got to check that pixir thing out! These are all so beautiful:) I love that one of you looking in the mailbox especially - very cute! I will be down in Harrisburg throughout the summer, so if I have some free time, I will definitely let you know. What part of Hbg. are you in?

Midwest Muse said...

All of these photos are so pretty!

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