Monday, June 11, 2012

Melmac Monday: The Fated Plate

Hey all! Hope that everyone had a fabulous and thrifty weekend! 

My internship has been going wonderfully, but I still haven't quite hit the balance of work and blog; I'll get there soon! 

I almost completely forgot that it was Monday, which means another Melmac Monday! 

Today I'm sharing some wonderful plates that I have found while roaming around Etsy. My mom has been complaining that I have been home way too many cups, especially Melmac cups; for some reason I just don't seem to be as drawn to plates. However, once I move to a place that doesn't have dishes provided for me, I will have nothing to eat on, so I decided to look for inspiration, and I found some that I really like. 

I think the first and that last may be my favorites! 

Happy Melmac Monday everyone! 

8 Matching Vintage Shabby Rose Plates White Melmac

Vintage Orange Melmac Plates - Texasware Pair

Mod Floral Melmac Plate

Bright Yellow Mid Century Texas Ware Plates



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