Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Post: Parasols, Please!

Hey guys!  I'm Mel Margaret of Parasols, Please! and one of Laura's close thrifty friends!

I very much love vintage clothing and accessories like Laura, and I am an avid up-cycler of all-things that strike me as could-be fancy.

Two years ago I came up with an idea to make jewelry boxes out of old books.  I had made a hollow book box for my sister the year before, and although it was pretty hard to do, I was up for a challenge when I got the chance to fulfill this dream in my Art of Bookmaking course at Juniata last spring.  I had to glue and saw on the bandsaw for days!  It was worth it though.

There are four books that make a set for these jewelry boxes, however, they each have their own hidden compartments and could easily be separate pieces.  I recently took these pictures with the help of my friend Paul for a portfolio.  Each book is still partial a book because there are loose pages.  This made it a lot harder to make the walls for the drawers, but I really like that they can open as books as well.


The whole set!

Gone With the Wind - book drawers

 Sea Patrol - hidden compartment and tray

The Planter of the Tree - book drawers

Nineteen Stars - book drawer and hidden compartment

~M. Margaret


EvaMae said...

The drawers are too cool!

Bud Wilson said...

Love these! I've made a few hollowed out books, but nothing this amazing.

M. Margaret said...

Thank you both for the compliments!!

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