Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Story: Granny + Grandpa

Hi everyone! 

I'm really excited about this post; I want to share on my favorite Christmas presents. A bunch of the older gals in my family received this small package on Christmas Day from my grandma that we were told that we had to open at the same time. 

Inside was a small frame with this picture inside. This was my grandma and grandpa probably around the 1940's! The original picture (we all received copies obviously) was recently re-discovered in an old letter from a distant relative. 

My grandma doesn't really remember where or when this picture was taken, but that isn't really important to me. 

What is most important to me is the overwhelming amount of love and happiness that is in this picture. 

I am very lucky to have heard my granny and grandpa's love story first hand and it no matter how many times I have heard it, I love hearing my grandma tell it again and again. 

My grandparents met in 1943. My grandma was 17 years-old and a junior in high school, where she was a member of a club called the 'Tri-Hi-Y' club. In this club, the lower underclassmen had to do small things for the seniors like carry their books and take things to their lockers, etc. 

So, one day, my grandma and a bunch of her friends had to dress up really funny. She said that she had one stocking on and one pantyhose, really chunky heels, half of her hair curled, and the other side pinned down really close to her face. Basically, she just looked really silly. 

She and her friends were about to walk home dressed like this when these two guys asked if they could drive them home. They agreed, but not before they went back into the school and changed first! :) 

One of the guys, obviously, was my grandpa. When they dropped my grandma and her sister off of her house, her dad came out to the door and looked pretty intimidating because, while my grandma was allowed to date, her sister was not because she wasn't sixteen yet. 

However, before my grandpa left, he said to my grandma, 'Can I see you tomorrow?' And she answered, 'I guess so.' 

And apparently he asked her that everyday until he asked him to marry her. 

They were married on March 1, 1944. 

My grandparents were married for over 50 years; they were probably the cutest, most fun, and in love couple that I have ever had the privilege to know. You can still tell when my grandma talks about him that she still loves him so much. 

I hope that when I'm old and gray, I can talk about the love of my life to my grandchildren with the same affection and happiness that my grandma does. 

Also, how fabulous do they look? I wish that she still had her 1940's clothes; they are too beautiful for words. 




Katie Aman said...

Oh, that story touched my heart tonight! It reminded me so much of my grandparents' story too-as does the photo. What a treasure to have that!

Olga Rani said...

So sweet and touchy story :)

AnchorsandHoney said...

This is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...


Marisa Noelle said...

Such an incredibly sweet and heart-warming story! Reminds me of my grandparents - whom I miss so much these days...and definitely makes me smile :-) What a perfect gift!

xo Marisa

Megan Colwell said...

Isn't this precious!? I can't think of one relationship in my family that was successful, meaning full of love. But I'm happy to say my husband and I will be that for our children and grandchildren. We were each other's first boy/girl friend. I got with him when I was 15. We've been together for 9 years next month :)

Jessica said...

Aww! What an adorable story (and kudos to grandpa for asking to see her tomorrow every day!).

(If you're interested, I'm giving away a Stella Valle necklace. Details here.)

Kristian said...

That is the cutest story! It is funny how people just seem to know when it is the right person. (also what a fun way to dess silly).

Jennifer said...

Is that the sweeetest story ever or what!
Super cute!

xo Jennifer

Isabella said...

Such an adorable story! Thanks for sharing lovely. xo Isabella

Amy said...

I love finding old photos and then I cherish them! so neat!

Angel said...

I love one black and white photos. They look adorable. :]

Jessi said...

Oh, that photo is darling!! They look so beautiful and happy! What a sweet love story:) I hope I'll still be head over heels in love with my sweet hubby when we're that old! -im sure i will ;)
Thanks for sharing this! I loved reading their story and that's so special that you all got a copy of this photo to cherish.

Lisa said...

That's adorable! What a lovely story

Elly said...

Omg this is too cute for words! That's just super sweet and I can't seem to stop saying "awwww." I would definitely love to have a romance like that! Lovely blog, new follower! :)

A.M said...

awe, so sweet! I always loved hearing my grandparents' love story as well :)

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love finding vintage photographs! this post is really sweet and put a smile on my face! you are a doll!

lindsey louise

Midwest Muse said...

This is so sweet.

Annalise said...

What an incredible gift! I absolutely love the story about how your grandparents met. I'll have to ask my grandma about how she met my grandpa. I have a few pictures that she has given me over the years. Some of my favorites are actually of my great grandmother as a child sitting on her fathers knee in 1903! Thanks for sharing your photo. :)

Sybil said...

aawww.. that's so sweet!!! precious gift! :D

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