Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Floral Handmade Shirts and Resolutions

Hey all! Hope that you had a wonderful first day of 2013. 

I spent the day with my family playing games, eating pork and sauerkraut, and reading the Hunger Games out loud - okay, that last one might have just been my cousin and I reiterating our nerdiness, but whatevs. 

I know it may be 2013, but I still have pictures from 2012! And they need to be shown so that I can show off my recent change! 

I took some time to think about my resolutions for the New Year. 

Don't worry, I have more resolutions than wanting to embarrass my best friend by talking about having a rash on the red carpet like Jennifer Lawrence; still so hilarious. 

1.) The first is the typical: get healthier.  I'm fairly confident about this, however. I only have 12 credits in the spring, so there really is no excuse. Plus, Amy is doing a Zombie 5K, and I told her that I would help her train. 

Also, a sort of part of that resolution is to cut out fast food unless it is the only option. I don't eat it that much, especially at school, but I watched 'Super Size Me' again and I realized that there is no reason to eat it. 

However, I do know that I will make an exception for Shamrock Shakes; I'm just glad those things only happen one time a year, because they are like my personal mint flavored crack in milkshake form. 

But, other than that, I really want to not eat the stuff. 

2.) My second resolution is to become more financially dependent. I am fairly dependent than some other college kids, but I realized that as the future is coming there are some major purchases that are going to be made, such as a car, new laptop (mine is so old), paying rent, and saving for grad school. So, although it is rather grown-up and boring, I'm going to strive to save a lot more, too.  

3/4.) These next two kind of go together, but sometimes I feel like between school and work, I can feel way too bogged down, stressed out, and frankly too grown-up. Therefore, this year I want to remind myself to have more fun!  College is not going to last forever - I have only two semesters of classes left before my professional semester and I want to have a blast during them! So, along with that I want to do something completely spontaneous. I don't want to do anything reckless obviously, but I would like to do something fun, random, and a little out of character. I have no idea what that looks like yet, but I guess that is the point! :) 

5.) This resolution is also kind of boring, but completely necessary. I really need to organize my room at my parents' house. Since I haven't lived there for over a year, except for the occasional weekend here and there, it sort of has turned into a disorganized storage unit with orange shag carpet (don't judge - that wasn't my idea). Mainly there are a lot of house-ware items that I have been collecting here and there for when I move out. So, I would really would like to get things together and labeled so when I actually do move, it will make that process a little less stressful.

6.) This blog was my main New Year's resolution last year, so this year I would like to continue (duh) and develop it more. I have a lot of exciting ideas planned for this year, so stayed tuned! 

7.) This resolution may seem sort of random but I really want to donate blood this year. I have only donated once when I was 17 and haven't been able to since then because of my international travels. I will have to wait until May (when my year from the DR is up) but as of now I don't have anything plans to leave the U.S. So unless that changes, I'm going let them dig around my veins and help save some lives. 

Shirt: Handmade: it was my mom's when she was in high school 
Cami (underneath): Wal*Mart 
Jeans: Hand-me-downs from a friend 
Boots: Thrifted 
Clutch: Thrifted 

8.) Finally, I usually come up with a fashion related resolution. Last year's was to wear heels to class, which I did exactly once (it was actually my first outfit post ever) and never did again; it just doesn't work for me, as much I wish it did. 
This year I have decided that I need to work on developing my professional wardrobe. I'm not sure what my plans are for the summer yet, but there might be a chance that I will have to look nice everyday. Along with the fact that there is only a year until I start my internship semester, before entering the real world, it is probably about time. 

Have a great start to 2013 everyone!



P.S. These lovely pictures were taken by Becky near the pond at her house. 


Callie - Coffee and Cardigans said...

Sounds like some great goals for 2013! Especially the one about having more spontaneous fun - I think we all need more of that in life! And your casual boots-and-jeans combo is adorable as well. It's great that was your mom's shirt. Happy New Year, Laura!


Megan Colwell said...

I like those boots a lot. This year I seem to have a ridiculous amount of resolutions. But I think it'll be worth it.


Kiersha. said...

Laura, your blog is so fun & too cute. Hope you are doing well, girl!

Marlen said...

you've got some very nice goals for 2013! saving is so so hard haha ugh. I'm moving across the country to Seattle so I've been doing my best to cut out my morning coffees and thrifting binges to save every penny, and it's borderline torture! i hope you achieve everything you set out to do :)

(and now i wanna reread hunger games...)

Midwest Muse said...

I love this sweater!

Anonymous said...

I love this whole outfit- that's really awesome. It's cool to wear vintage isn't it, nobody else has it! =)

xx Missy

Katie Aman said...

Aw, I love that this was your mother's top! It looks great on you and has such a fun print. Ho man, I've lived away from home for like four years and still haven't gone through my bedroom there...oops! I think my mother wants me to soon, but it's definitely a tricky thing to find time to do. Great goals for the new year dear, so glad I found your blog :)

Fash Boulevard said...

Happy New Year, love. Such a fabulous post. You look beyond stunning. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my Candy Land Christmas party. xo


Marisa Noelle said...

I have many of the same resolutions - definitely cutting out fast food and I should probably go through my old bedroom (closet) too...hehe...though I've been away from my home for 10 years already! Happy New Year to you Laura! I love your mom's top on you. What a gem of a hand-me-down :)

xo Marisa

Haley said...

You look so cute with that outfit.
Haley www.instyleforless.org

Anonymous said...

I super dig this shirt, all the white dashed lines between the flowers kind of look like tech connectors or pac man lines from afar. I think it's honestly the best being able to work your mom's wardrobe into your own! It makes me recognize her youth and remind me to acknowledge her as a separate wonderful person instead of just my mom. Plus it's just nice when you're mom is cool enough to have awesome clothes like yours clearly does!

Style By Eye

Katherine said...

Last year I started developing my professional wardrobe. Starting with an elephant dress. That I definitely wore on a meeting with an important client, like the kind where you fly down for a day. I'm awesome like that. Anyhow - these are really good goals, ones I had when I was about to graduate too! Definitely save a bit befor e- it helps a TON

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

OH AND I LOVE YOUR BOOTS! And that sweater is awesome. And my shirt key hand got stuck? Or something.

Also if I am ever in State College, I'll let you know - we can get lunch or something. I've only really driven near by in Pleasant Gap or whatever

Unknown said...

Aww cute photos <3


Lily Fang said...

awesome sweater! those photos are beautiful--did you get a new camera! loving your resolutions! good luck (:

Chioma said...

i just love your sweater! :)

C's Evolution of Style

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