Monday, January 7, 2013

Melmac Monday: Weekend Memories

Hey all! Hope that you had a fantastic weekend. 

Mine included going to see Les Mis with my cousin and my sister. Let me tell you, I have not cried so much at a movie since the final Harry Potter movie! It was so amazing; I really want to see it again. 

My sister also spent the night, so we got to hang out. Some little snippets of our night included eating Cinnamon Chex for supper, giggling at Fat Amy and the other Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect, jamming to Macklemore, and packing. 

Well, I was packing. My sister decided to make fun of me. This is the convo that went on. 

Me: I can't find my copy of the Great Gatsby! Crap, I wonder where that is? I want to re-read that before the movie comes out. 

My loving sister: Oh my gosh, you know your sister is a nerd when...

Me: Hey! Uncool. That book is a classic. 


Sometimes I can't believe we are related. :) 

Other than that things have been pretty quiet. Back at school (two weeks early) to work full time. 

Right now I'm just ready to relax, grab some cocoa, catch up on some blogs, and read Lolita. 

And oh, of course, look at pretty Melmac. 

Vintage Melamine Set - Cups, Plates, Saucers, Melmac

Vintage Melmac Ware - Lime Green Creamer & Sugar Bowl

Vintage Apollo Ware Melmac plates- set of 5

Vintage Melmac Cups One Dozen Yellow Stacking

Vintage Melamine Plates and Cups, Retro Melmac Picnic Set




AnchorsandHoney said...

I love these!!

Katie Aman said...

Gasp! Those floral plates make me swoon! They remind me of some that my grandmother have that are just so special to me and bring back happy memories :) Also sister fun sounds AMAZING. I miss my sisters, they are the best friends one can have in life!

Unknown said...

Awesome stuff :)
I like your blog, how about following each other?
I would love to ♥
Please, let me know! Looking forward to being blog-friends with you :)

My blog is here:

Dearest Lou said...

I cried so much during les mis too! (:


Marsa said...

omg so jealous you saw Les Mis! i heard that its amazing! i heard anne hathaway (sp?) is amazing too :)

Marsa said...

oh and to answer you question on my previous post, we were playing a board game called carcassonne!! its actually pretty fun :)

Unknown said...

Hey Im always on the hunt for cool blogs and I really love yours its positive real :0 and inspiring... as for the great gatsby do you have the really cool classic hardcover version!!! :) if not u should deffinately look into it its so gorgeous!! Id love to link you up if you havent!!:) U OFFICALLY HAVE A NEW FOLLOWER..

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