Thursday, January 3, 2013

Game Day

Okay, I have a confession to make: I am a HUGE game nerd. 

I don't mean video games, but rather board/card games. And it isn't just me, oh no, it is my whole family. No one is safe; probably all of my friends have played some sort of card game with my family at one point or another. And my future husband, whoever he may be, doesn't have a prayer. Both of my sister-in-laws have been sucked in, too. 

It all started when I was a wee one: the first game that I remember playing with my siblings and mom was the Berenstain Bears Hat Game, where you had to match the hats up with each member of the Bear family before you got a wind card that would blow your hats away. 

I was taught how to play Uno probably at age 3 or so - on a Rugrats Uno deck I might add; Reptar was the 'pick up two' card; so ballin'. 
I remember being so excited when I was allowed to play with the 'grown up' cards when I was about 5, since my hands were then big enough to hold all the cards. 

For awhile growing up, my dad and I had a million point game going on - we didn't make it that far, but I know that we made it somewhere in the hundred thousands. 

I clearly remember my dad teaching me to play Phase 10. I was probably around 5 or 6. Our church would go to this camp in Delaware over Labor Day when I was growing up, and my dad taught me how to play that card game out on the porch of our cabin, slowly explaining the differences between sets and runs. 

I remember that breaking out Monopoly (either the NFL or Star Wars addition) meant two things: 1.) we had to find the extra card table 2.) it was probably a snow day. 

I learned quickly that Dutch Blitz, aka the best Pennsylvania Dutch game, is the loudest, most intense, and fun game ever. (Ha, Amy and mine dorm neighbors learned that too on Hurricane Day.)

I learned the French words for car parts whilst playing Mille Bornes.

But, I knew that I made it into the big leagues, when I was about 10 or 11 and was taught how to play Rage. Rage is a card game that has an interesting history. It was called "Oh Hell!" and "Shit!" at different times. When I was growing up, you had to be very careful with the Rage cards because they weren't being produced anymore. (My sister left one of our decks out in the rain when we were camping one time - she still gets crap for that over 15 years later.) They could be purchased in German, if you were lucky. For awhile you had to pay around $40 for a deck on Ebay. Thank goodness, now another company started making them...but my family stocks up on decks, just in case. 

I officially became accepted as an adult when I was 12 or 13 and answered the correct answer to "What was the year that Albert Einstein died?" in Trivial Pursuit. The answer is 1955 in case you were wondering. 

In case it wasn't obvious, I spent the majority of today playing games with my mom and dad, including 5 Crowns, SkipBo, and Scattegories; the latter in which I heard my mom say the words 'homeboy' and 'Ratfink.' 

In fact, as I type this my parents are arguing over the rules of Peaknuckle. 

I love my family. 

Jeans - Hand me downs
Bag - Thrifted (it was only a $1!)
Boots - Thrifted 



P.S. Sorry that this post really has nothing to do with what I'm wearing. 

Also, thanks again to Becky for taking these pictures for me. :) 


Elana said...

Games are the best! My friends and I play board games all the time (I always lose though). We play Balderdash a lot and I LOVE that one, mostly because everyone gets to try to be funny and vulgar. Speaking of vulgar, Cards Against Humanity is the BEST GAME EVER. I'm obsessed. If you haven't played it, you need to! Also, I love love love your purse!

Katie Aman said...

Games are my favorite!! I was obsessed with Monopoly as a kid. I have about five different boards including Disney Princess and Lord of the Rings, haha. Your family sounds so fun, it's great that you still spend time together that way! I love the detail on your sweater! What a neat find. And that bag is super cute. Love the print on it :)

Megan Colwell said...

I really like that purse! Pretty :) My mom and I used to play Crazy 8's, Uno, Memory and Old Maid. Those are memories that I haven't recalled in years! That you for that.

Jessi said...

Wow your family is serious about games! Sounds like you're close and have tons of fun together! I can't believe you got that bag for $1!! I'm super jealous! I LOVE it. Also loving your cute sweater!

Unknown said...

Great deals! And adorable outfit!! Newest follower right here!! xoxo, Gena
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Unknown said...

Cute purse!

Lauren Leggatt said...

oh my gosh, so I'm like unbelievably jealous right now, I cant believe you got that darling purse for only one buck! like holy score, its totally adorable I'm kind of freaking out! :) Hahah Happy new year!

AnchorsandHoney said...

Love the purse!!

Mariana said...

You have a great blog! Just followed :)

Mind checking out my blog please? :)


mia said...

Games are great... they keep your brain working!

That bag you posted a picture of is adorable!

I love the incorporation of photos into a blog, it adds so much more depth to the experience of reading.


Marisa Noelle said...

I'm quite the Clue and Taboo gal myself :) I miss family game nights - I'm thinking I need to convince my family to partake in this tradition once again when I'm back to visit..hehe.

I LOVE that purse so much Laura! Seriously, we should meet up to thrift if I'm ever back in the area :)

Veronyca Sufry said...

love the bag !


Little Tree Vintage said...

that bag is awesome! love it

Lily Fang said...

Can't believe that bag was only a dollar! You look so chic--those boots are great. I loved reading about the games your family plays. Card games can get pretty addicting haha--people can stay up all night at Chinese gatherings playing cards. Great look as always (:

Unknown said...

i love your bag! ;)Irene Wibowo

goodbadandfab said...

Just lovely! =)
personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

Victoria said...

that bag is soo neat!!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

love that bag- what a great print! i love the simiplicity of a classic white sweater w/ brown boots too, nice look! yay for games, I need to get a life & play them again, they are so fun! & esp w/ family.. dont even remmeber the last time we've done that, which i guess means we are all getting old... uh oh.

his little lady said...

You are absolutely adorable, girl! Loving your outfit!!
xo TJ

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