Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fearless Fourteen: March 3-9

I just realized that I have only posted 365 project posts for the past two weeks. It is hard not to feel bad about those things, but life can make it hard: jobs, on call shifts, midterms - it just gets to be a lot. Plus, today was just emotional. And draining. I'm super tired, so this might not be the peppiest post in the world. But, I'm on call until 1 a.m., so I'm trying to stay up just the tiniest bit longer so I can sleep without worrying about whether it will be interrupted or worse, that I might miss a call. 

BUT. I'm at my parents house for the rest of the week, where I can relax, blog, take pictures, and read. I love Spring Break. 

March 3: Shameless selfie. After a day off of work where I just spent most of it writing a paper, I need some lovely red lipstick. Perfect for a celebratory Happy Hour with a friend who just finished her thesis! 

March 4: Fastnacht Day is one of many reasons (and the sweetest - literally) why I love being Pennsylvania Dutch. You can read a little bit about the history here.

March 5: I have been on a Disney kick lately. 

March 6: I read somewhere one time that whenever you don't feel like you are pretty, just look at old pictures of your grandmothers and mother when they were your age and see how beautiful they were (and still are!). Your future children and grandchildren are going to think the same thing about you. 
This is my mother's high school graduation photo. (I'm dying for her to do my hair like that.) 

March 7: I was in Lancaster and got to visit one of my favorite vintage stores. I tried on this blue dress that was perfect (My dad even liked it - that alone is a miracle) except for the fact that it was just a smidgen too small in the shoulder region. *sigh* 

 March 8: Playing games with the fam, of course

March 9: More proof that I am secretly five years old. But hey, for 99 cents at the bumps and bents grocery store (where I got these shoes) I couldn't resist. 

Hopefully things will be more eventful around these parts this week!



The Dragonfruit said...

Haha, cute photos girl :)
Nothing like some red lipstick to perk you up, am I right?
Also, love the Disney kick you're on! I occassionally get hit by those...hehe I love them

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Unknown said...

I'm at my parents's house too...enjoy!... cute socks btw!

Unknown said...

Great posts;) I always look at my moms photos and she was (And IS of course) beautiful :)
Muilo Burbulai

Ali Hval said...

These are such fun little snapshots! And it's totally okay to be on a Disney kick--I feel like that's something you never reaaaaally get off of being on, am I right? ;) We can be 5 years old together.

Unknown said...

Ahhh donuts <333 Twin Peaks has ruined me, because now I can't look at a donut without feeling an insatiable need to devour it. >_< Great photos! <3

- Anna

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